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Riverside Museum | 2011

The design is a sectional extrusion, open at opposing ends along a diverted linear path, allowing the museum to position itself as a third river flowing through one of the city’s most historic locations. See more

© Luke Hayes

Evelyn Grace Academy | 2010

The Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton, London Borough of Lambeth, broadens not only the educational diversity of this active and historical part of London but also augments the built environment in a predominantly residential area. This Academy presents itself as an open, transparent and welcoming addition to the community’s local urban regeneration process. See more

© Roland Halbe

MAXXI: National Museum of XXI Arts | 2010

The MAXXI relates with the urban context within which it is set by renewing the horizontal development of the former military barracks. The geometrical plan of the project aligns itself with the two urban grids that regulate the town planning structure of the area and the new interpretation of these two geometrical plans within the proposal generates the surprising geometrical complexity of the campus. See more

Rabat Grand Theater | 2010

The site for the Grand Theater sits in the geographic center between the twin cities of Rabat and Salè; the historic Kasbah Oudayas to the north-west, the ancient city of Salè and airport to the north-east, Chellah and the Royal Palace to the south-west and the proposed Sequence III of Amwaj Development to the east. See more

© Michelle Litvin

Burnham Pavilion | 2009

Zaha Hadid Architects’ pavilion design for Chicago’s Burnham Plan Centennial celebrates the city’s ongoing tradition of bold plans and big dreams. The project encourages reinvention and improvement on an urban scale and welcomes the future with innovative ideas and technologies whilst referencing the original organizational systems of Burnham’s plan. See more

© John Linden

The Mobile Art Pavilion for CHANEL | 2008

The Mobile Art Pavilion for CHANEL by Zaha Hadid Architects has been inspired by one of CHANEL’s signature creations, the quilted bag. CHANEL is renowned for its layering of the finest textiles and exquisite detailing to create the most elegant and cohesive pieces for each collection. See more

© Luke Hayes

Lilas | 2007

Taking inspiration from complex natural geometries such as flower petals and leaves the three parasols overlap to create the pavilion’s main conceptual feature: complex symmetry, interweaving all-the-while without touching, allowing air, light and sound to travel through narrow gaps in a state that is both open and likewise tending toward closure. See more

© Helene Binet

Maggie’s Center Fife, Victoria Hospital | 2006

The Maggie’s Center Fife is within the grounds of Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy. Providing a resource and counseling center for people with cancer, Maggie’s Fife is domestic in scale but unique in execution. See more

© Bruno Klomfar

Spittelau Viaducts Housing  | 2005

The project is part of a revitalisation initiative undertaken by the City of Vienna for the Wiener Gürtel,  an over-dimensioned, ring-formed slice through the urban fabric. Historically, the Gürtel has divided the Viennese from the hinterland and its waves of immigrants. See more

© Roland Halbe

Ordrupgaard Museum Extension | 2005

The growth of the institution presents an opportunity to explore new formal relationships between the components of the museum and the garden that frames it, in so far that the ensemble constitutes a kind of topography in itself. The new extension seeks to establish a new landscape within the territory of its architecture, at the same time allowing new relations with the existing conditions. See more

© Werner Huthmacher

Phaeno Science Center Wolfsburg | 2005

The Science Center, the first of its kind in Germany, appears as a mysterious object, giving rise to curiosity and discovery. The visitor is faced with a degree of complexity and strangeness, which is ruled however by a very specific system of structural organization. See more

© Helene Binet

BMW Central Building | 2005

The Central Building is the active nerve – center or brain of the whole factory complex. All threads of the building’s activities gather together and branch out again from here.This planning strategy applies to the cycles and trajectories of people – workers (arriving in the morning and returning for lunch) and visitors – as well as for the cycle and progress of the production line which traverses this central point – departing and returning again. See more

© Roland Halbe

Rosenthal Center For Contemporary Art | 2003

The first freestanding building for The Contemporary Arts Center, founded in Cincinnati in 1939 as one of the first institutions in the United States dedicatedto the contemporary visual arts. See more

© Helene Binet

Bergisel Ski Jump | 2002

In December 1999 Zaha Hadid Architects won the international competition for a new ski jump on the Bergisel Mountain in Innsbruck. The new structure opened in 2002. Situated on the Bergisel Mountain overlooking downtown Innsbruck, the ski jump is a major landmark. See more

© Christian Richter

Vitra Fire Station | 1993

We initiated our design with a study of the overall factory site. Our intention was to place the elements of our commission in such a way that they would not be lost between the enormous factory sheds. We also used these elements to structure the whole site, giving identity and rhythm to the main street running through the complex. See more


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