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Conceptual basis

The spatial and architectural design of the building of the new Antas Education Center were formalized in several volumes, each containing part of the program in accordance with principles of internal organization, functionality, form and image, given the type of building and its specificity.


© José Campos


© José Campos

This conception took into account the morphology of the terrain, the solar orientation, the access and connections to surrounding bodies. We always took account to the relationship established between spaces, between exterior and interior and between interior spaces. The intension was to formalize and realize the program provided through a drawing of building capable of being fragmented into several bodies interconnected with exterior spaces, which create diverse environments. It’s a building consisting of several bodies expressed by a “simple architecture” that will build a close relationship with the exterior spaces. It was intended to create in the spaces between the various bodies the visual relationship between interior and exterior reducing relations with the urban surroundings.


© José Campos


© José Campos

Space planning
The functional solution of “answer”, it was equated by confronting the program foreseen with the available space, as well as visual and functional relationships established between the enclosure and its urban context. To do this, we follow the following orienting lines in the definition of the parts of the building:
1) The implantation of all the complex took in accounts the solar orientation, in order to avoid the excess of heat in the summer and the lack of the solar heat in the winter;
2) The Southeast quadrant was privileged with the localization of the interior spaces of bigger permanence of the pupils, namely the classrooms and also some of the exterior spaces;
3) The proposed program is materialized in two levels, with dynamic relations of joint and relations with the exterior spaces (except the body of the preschool education, as it is recommended by legislation, it must be implemented in an only floor);


© José Campos


© José Campos


© José Campos

The organization of all classrooms, the activities spaces, the teacher’s rooms and spaces of support as well as the forecourt were located in the 1 floor. In the inferior floor, were located the common spaces as the library, gymnasium, refectory and attached spaces, covered recreation, field of games as well as the service entrance.

Location: Antas – Oporto, Portugal
Architect: AVA – Atelier Veloso Architects (AVA-Architects) | Carlos Jorge Coelho Veloso, Rui Filipe Coelho Veloso
Team: Inês Costa
Client: GOP, municipal company – City Council of Oporto
Planning dates
Project: 2008 – 2009
Construction: 2009/2010
Photographer Credits: Barbosa & Benigno and José Campos – Arqf.net
Engineers: MBJ – Projectos de Engenharia Planeamento e Arquitectura, Lda.
Lusoclima – Soluções de Engenharia, Lda.
Nuno Vieira, Eng.º e Vítor Hugo, Eng.º
General Contractor: Costeira Empreiteiros – Sociedade de Construções S.A.
Constructed surface: 2645,26 sq m


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