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How Much Weight Can a Command Strip Hold?

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how much weight can a command strip hold

Whether at home, school, or work, there’s a chance that someone has used 3M Command strips to put up something on the wall. This simple product is actually more than just sticky business. 3M Command products are able to hold weights of up to 15 lbs for Command hooks and 20 lbs for Command strips.

How much weight can a Command strip hold may depend on its size and of the object it holds. Read below to see which ones you need.

Weight Capacity of Command Strips


The strips themselves have varieties of sizes that differ in length and width. Their average weight limits or capacity would change accordingly.

Fortunately, the packaging is very helpful with providing the weight (in kg and lb) and size limits that the product can hold up, increasing in proportion to the size and amount of the strips used.

Refer to this general weight guide for these different Command strips:

Command Strip Weight Capacity Object dimensions
Small 4 lbs (1.8 kg) 8” x 10”
Medium, Narrow 12 lbs (5.4 kg) 18” x 24”
Large 16 lbs (7.2 kg) 24” x 36”
X-Large 20 lbs (9 kg) 24” x 36”

1. Small


Although the smallest, it certainly carries well on its own since it can handle about 4 lbs (1.8kg) if you use the 4-set pack for an object, ideally within 8” x 10” in size.

These are handy for smaller picture frames, kitchenware, and desk organizers.

2. Medium and Narrow


For medium Command strips, as well as the narrow strips, the weight capacity can lead up to 12 lbs for a 4-strip set.

It’s best for bigger sizes, but only within 18” x 24” size.

The only difference between the two kinds is the strips’ proportions — Medium (L: 7cm, W: 1.9cm) and Narrow (L: 9.3cm, W: 1.3cm).

3. Large


For the next size, 4 pieces of large command strips have a weight capacity of 16 lbs. It is generally for objects within 24” x 36” size. This would be good for office boards, family frames, and decorative shelves.

4. X-Large


Being the biggest size, these are indeed the strongest command strips. Similar to the large size, it can hold objects within 24” x 36”, but these can hold the heaviest weight here of up to 20 lbs. These are the best for heavy items like big picture frames, art frames, and mirrors.

Factors That Affect Command Strip Weight Capacity


As we already understand, Command strips are quite simple to use, but you can maximize it further if you consider some of these factors that can affect its weight capacity.

1. Number of strips

This is quite simple; you need multiple command strips for a heavier objects. Adding more strips will give some extra strength to hold onto any surface.

You may realize that the larger strips are just that — more strips! However, achieving success with something extremely heavy that weighs something like 40 lbs, will be significantly harder.

2. Size and shape of object

Objects differing in size and shape also have different centers of gravity. Your water bottle feels heavier holding away from your body than when your arms are closer to you.

So, this can affect the weight capacity of Command strips since the more the weight shifts away from the command strip, the more strain on the hold it has on the wall.

3. Strip position

We have all sorts of objects that we may need to use for different projects and places.

If you have a more complex shape that needs sticking, consider what parts of it may be heavier that would need more strips.

4. Surface Texture

The ideal surface for Command strips to stick to would be flat, smooth, and clean. This allows the strip to cling onto more surface area on either the object or the surface of what you will stick it to.

So, you ensure the weight capacity isn’t lessened due to weakened strip glue. If you clean the surfaces before putting the strip, dirt will not take up the space of the glue, and the strip will stick better.

5. Waiting Time

Some people might not know yet that strips need time to settle on the surfaces they stick to on both sides.

If you immediately leave Command strips to hold heavy objects, it’s likely to lessen the weight capacity.

Let the strip settle for about a few minutes to an hour so that the product has properly clung to the micro areas of the surfaces and that the glue has hardened a bit more.


These heavy-duty products are able to hold these weights, showing just how strong are Command strips with those numbers. Pick the right Command strip size while determining the number of strips, object size and shape, strip position placement, surface textures, and waiting time.

How much weight can a Command strip hold is dependent on these factors. Consider each of their effects to answer the question, “Can you hang shelves with Command strips?”. We hope this helps you with your home, school, hobby, or work projects.

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