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TV in Garage Ideas: All You Need to Know!

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TV in Garage Ideas

Garages are most often associated with vehicles and storage. The usual purpose of the space is to store those vehicles, some equipment you might need, and some other miscellaneous items.

This doesn’t have to be the only way to make use of all that space.

You can enhance your garage use even by doing just this one thing: installing a TV. This transforms it into a more entertaining space where you can relax, watch, listen, create, exercise, etc.

Below are the benefits you can get if you follow these TV in garage ideas, plus helpful guides for setting up.

Benefits of Having a TV in a Garage

1. Extra tool


A garage can function as a workshop for many people. It could be where they tinker with their vehicles or even create personal projects in art or science.

Putting TV in a garage can serve as an extra tool for them when they want to search and follow guides on a bigger and steadier device than a phone or laptop.

2. Casual entertainment


For the basics, television is already used as a source of entertainment. Having a TV for a garage gives you another room in your home to relax in when all the others are occupied.

Suppose you’re having an outdoor activity (i.e., a barbecue party). In that case, it can be an easy-access space for people to lounge and watch something or blast music.

3. Exercise/workout


Not everyone can have as many rooms as they need at home for each activity they have an interest in. Instead of going out to a park or gym, you can choose to use your garage space to perform your exercise/workout routines.

The TV here helps you when you want to follow a routine or at least play some music as you’re doing it.

Garage TV Installation Tips


If you’re convinced and ready to form garage ideas with TV added, it’s best to know some tips that can help make installation easier for you and keep you from making unfortunate mistakes.

  1. Consider how you primarily want to use your TV in the garage setup and act accordingly. You may want to place it on the wall near your designated workspace. If there’s a sofa, then you might like it at a lower height that doesn’t strain the neck when watching.
  2. Choose if you want it mounted on the wall or positioned with a stand. Depending on the setup of your garage, choose which one you believe will look good and keep it unobstructing the space.
  3. Choose the appropriate size of the TV. After thinking about where and how you’ll be using the TV, you only need to gauge the size that fits the space and the activities you intend to use it for. Still, the most appropriate size is the one that makes you content and happy.
  4. Think about hiring someone to install it or if you want to DIY. It’s easier to have someone else do it, but it is also possible to just do it on your own.

1. TV placement ideas


1. Wall-mounted

A common way to place a TV without taking up floor space is by mounting it on a wall. There are different mounting tools you can use where they either put it fixed in place or allow it to be pulled to other angles. This setup can be incorporated with other wall-mounted equipment in a uniform design.

2. On top of a table/cabinet

This is a more straightforward way to set it up, but it takes up a bit more space. Using a stable stand, you can mount the TV on a sturdy table that you have in your garage. This is advantageous as well if you need something to store items or equipment.

3. Integrated/hidden

For a more unique setup, you can think of integrating the TV with the ceiling, wall, or cabinets where you can let it “show/pop out” when you’re ready to use it. This might be a more expensive option since it’s a more complex setup.

2. Wiring and connecting devices


1. The wires should be organized

Good cable management is part of a good and safe setup. It would be best if you could fix the wires in place, whether you want them visible or hidden from view.

2. Keep matching devices near.

If you use it with a computer/laptop, a speaker, or anything else, try to place them and their wires together for easy access.

3. Check for compatibility.

Not all devices can be connected with the same wires, so look at the ports to see which wires they need. Search what kinds of wireless connections are supported as well. Generally, TVs have different types of video TV ports and audio TV ports for you to use.

3. Things to keep in mind


1. Choose a smart TV

To get the most utility for your garage and the activities you may want to do there, having a smart TV with modern functions will ensure you can get the most out of your time there.

2. Account for humidity

Humidity (water vapor in the air) can affect electrical devices and break them when they get wet too much or too often. Make sure the conditions for the TV placement will keep it safe from high humidity levels, preferably nothing too close to 70% and above.

3. Account for temperature

In summer, keep your TV from overheating. It would be great if it’s not directly affected by sunlight and if the space has ventilation. During winter, you should also plan its protection by making use of insulations for cold garages.

4. Keep it clean from dust or dirt

Regularly clean the TV so that chances of breakage is minimized. Using a cover is advisable to better protect it when not in use.


These TV in garages ideas incorporate the use of the space beyond the usual storing of vehicles and equipment, including but not limited to having an extra tool for your work, having another source of casual entertainment, and having a guide for exercises.

Different options for TV mount ideas can depend on the space you have, the activities you want to do, and the physical conditions present there. Choose the placement that works best for you, and remember to take care of your garage TV room using the tips given.

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