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Minimum Distance Between Refrigerator and Island

Whether you’re trying to increase counter space or add more storage areas, a kitchen island is always an excellent asset to your home hub. You can also place chairs along …

can you hang shelves with command strips
Rosanne Jones

Can You Hang Shelves With Command Strips/Hooks?

Typically, in order to hang a shelf, you’d need to screw brackets into the studs. …

what color paint goes with brown granite
Rosanne Jones

What Color Paint Goes With Brown Granite? – 7 Colors

Granite is among the most popular materials for kitchen countertops due to its durability and …

how tall should an entry-table be
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How Tall Should an Entry Table Be? – Entry Table Height

For a house with a hallway or entryway, it is always a good idea to …

barn door alternatives
Rosanne Jones

Barn Door Alternatives (6 Best Options for You)

Barn doors’ stylish and practical design means they continue to be a popular choice for …

how to hang a frameless mirror on a wall
Rosanne Jones

How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on a Wall? (3 Methods)

Mirrors aren’t just simply for checking your appearance; they can also be important accessories to …

can you sit on an ottoman
Rosanne Jones

Can You Sit on an Ottoman? – Things to Keep in Mind

An ottoman is a multi-purpose kind of furniture. There are a few versions of history …

emerald green sofa living room ideas
Rosanne Jones

Emerald Green Sofa Living Room Ideas – 2022 Updated

Home is truly where the heart is. Besides the people you create memories with under …

what color house goes with a metal roof
Rosanne Jones

What Color House Goes With a Metal Roof? – 5 Best Colors

A house color with a metal roof is an aesthetic piece of art that is …

how to mount a tv on a slanted ceiling & wall
Rosanne Jones

How to Mount a TV on a Slanted Ceiling & Wall? – 4 Steps

Slanted ceilings can open many doors for ingenious design ideas, from comfy reading corners to …


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