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5 Interior Garage Wall Paint Colors

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interior garage wall paint colors

The garage can be just as important as the other spaces in your house. It can be an extension that serves as a utility and storage space.

To transform your garage into another charming place, you must consider the colors for walls, floors, and even the cabinet doors! A good place to start is the interior garage walls.

Neutral colors are the recommended colors when it comes to interior garage wall paint colors. And we’ll dig deeper into it down below!

What Color Should I Paint My Garage Wall?


Here’s the secret sauce they don’t tell you about painting interior garage walls: you need to keep it simple !

  1. Use one solid color only when painting the walls. Avoid combining two colors on one wall because it will make the space look smaller.
  2. Additionally, the functionality of the garage will aid in choosing the right wall paint color. But it all still depends on personal preferences. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to garage paint colors.
  3. Try incorporating colors that will enhance the place, and make sure to use color theory and color psychology.
  4. And a foreword: check the color scheme predominant in your house. This way, you can choose a color scheme for your garage that will complement the overall interior of your house.

Think of the garage as the transitional moment between the interior (your house) and exterior (the environment). The garage will serve as the connecting force, thus creating a design harmony between the two places.

However, when choosing the paint colors for the garage wall is too much of a task, you can always opt for the popular garage colors.

As stated above, neutral colors are great for your garage interior colors. These neutral colors comprise beige, tan, neutral blue, neutral green, and gray.

Opting for these colors will give you design flexibility to achieve a uniform look in your garage. Other popular colors to paint your garage are white, navy blue, black, pastel blue, and brown.

1. Beige


Choosing the color beige is a good color when you use your garage as a storage space. Along with white, these colors can give off a neat and functional look.

The color beige serves as a background color for your boxes, cabinets, and bins, especially if you’ve set up a good organizational system using colors. This way, locating your things will be easy and fast.

2. Tan


The color tan is a color you can paint on your garage wall if you plan on using it as a car parking space or using the garage as a workshop. Dust, grime, and other markings become less visible compared to colors in lighter shades.

If you choose the color tan, make sure to use decors that are wooden materials. Think of wood carvings displayed on walls. It will give an overall forest or rustic look.

3. Neutral Blue

Source: garageliving.com

This color is perfect if you spend most of your time in the garage. This color is not distracting but rather soothing and pleasing to the eyes. Take inspiration from this garage paint scheme using neutral blue.

Careful consideration of the colors you will use is essential to achieve a cohesive look in your garage. Look at how the colors complement the car as well! This is more reason to consider using neutral blue for your garage paint ideas.

4. Gray


The color gray is another excellent choice as a paint inside of a garage. This color can hide any grime, marks, and messiness. Due to its muted color, it has a calming effect, which is good if you stay for long hours working on your car, or in the garage.

The color gray is also a versatile one, whether you’re after for a modern or classic look. By installing black cabinets with white handles, this garage looks sophisticated and feels like a cozy place to hang out.

5. White


While white is the first color you can think of when painting your garage walls, it’s not always the best choice. White’s archnemeses are dirt, dust, and grime, which are present in any garage.

However, if you still want to try the color white, make sure to pick the semi-gloss one. This way, dirt will be less evident and can be easily cleaned.

And if you still want inspiration for your garage paint job, here’s a compilation of paint ideas for walls in your garage area.

More Tips to Pick the Right Color for Your Garage Wall

Now that we have tackled the popular color recommendations for your garage walls and their functionality, it’s time for some tips and tricks before you journey to a paint shop.

  • When choosing the color, make sure that the colors complement one another. Doing so will result in a striking and eye-catching garage you can proudly show off.

For example, if you have decided your garage floor, doors, and cabinets are painted dark gray, your best choice will be gray. It will create contrast, but the overall look is still cohesive.

  • Determining the size of your garage is another factor to consider when picking the right paint.

Choose light shades of colors if you’re garage is small to make it appear spacious. Similarly, if your garage has a huge space, you can play around with the dark colors.

  • The durability of paint. Pick paint that can withstand damage. These paints are glossy or semi-glossy in finish. They are reflective and can be easily cleaned. It’s also resistant to scuffs, marks, and moisture.

However, if you intend the garage as a living space, choose matte, eggshell, or satin finish paint.


Choosing the best interior garage wall paint colors is no easy feat. You have to consider the style of your house, the garage’s functionality, the durability of paints, and the size of your garage.

But if choosing the best color will create an analysis paralysis, try using the neutral color scheme. You can never go wrong with it as it offers design flexibility.

In picking the wall paint color, it is also essential to consider the little details, like cabinet colors and floors. This will make your garage well-thought and united when it comes to design.

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