How to Get Rid of Weevils in My Bedroom (Various Measures)

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how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom

Your house, especially your bedroom, is the most secure place for both people and pest invaders. These guests, unfortunately, regularly enter your residence, upset your environment and deliver a sense of frustration and revulsion to your room.

Understanding how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom will provide you with several steps to have pest control. Let’s take a look at both solutions and prevention to effectively avoid these tiny pests in your bedroom and your house in general.

What are Weevils?


Before properly removing weevils from your environment, the first thing you need to do is to learn what they are.

Weevils are small beetles with a passion for carbohydrate foods. They are also known as flour bugs that are attracted by any food items with starch like rice, whole grains, corn, etc. They not only live in your pantry but also in other places such as the bathroom or bedroom.

Unlike ordinary beetles, weevils prefer to stay and reproduce in their foods rather than carry them around. They lay eggs inside the kernels of grain which makes it invisible. After hatching, the larvae will begin to eat their surroundings for weeks until they emerge as adults and cause even more destruction.

Will Weevils Bite?

Weevils are annoying insects that might enter your home via your groceries or a breach in the door. However, one point that must be addressed is if they are physically dangerous. The answer is no. They only eat grains, seeds, plants, etc. They do not have a parasitic connection or bite humans and typical domestic pets.

What Types of Weevils are in Bed?


Surprisingly, around 100,000 sorts of weevil exist in the world. There are a few kinds of pests known to negatively affect all kinds of packaged food sources that you might unintentionally bring into your room:

  • Rice weevils: You can find them in rice, and they enter your bedroom through an infested storage box.
  • Seed Weevils: They come from different seeds, particularly uncooked seeds.
  • Bean Weevils: They access your room through bean goods.
  • Wheat Weevils: They enter through any kind of wheat, especially wheat flour.

Weevil Infestation Signs

In the bedroom

  • Gathering inside the room: Like ants, weevils can be found in bulk in any corner of the room.
  • Crawling on the wall: Hundreds of these bugs will often crawl on your walls, doors, ceiling, and window.

In the kitchen

  • Holes in rice and grains: Female weevils use their powerful jaws to knock a small hole in a grain kernel to lay eggs inside. Then, the kernel is sealed; and this process is repeated.
  • Larvae in your pantry: This juvenile form of weevils appears in a white grub with a tiny brown head. They are quite small and difficult to see.

Due to such a tiny and harmless feature, getting rid of weevil bugs in the house is manageable.

Steps to Getting Rid of Weevils in My Bedroom


You may find not only weevils but also flour mites in the bedroom. Despite being entirely independent pests, both mites and weevils will have migrated via your flour or wheat supplies into your pantry. If you just dump contaminated food, the mites and weevils are not totally done away with. They are still in your house, especially the kitchen, or bathroom.

Cleaning only one area will not address the problem effectively. Thus, it must be an all-embracing approach! You must also clean every other space. To get rid of their existence in your bedroom, you can follow these methods listed below.

Step 1: Identify the source that weevils occupy your bedroom

First of all, you must eradicate the probable major cause that your personal boundary and food are invaded. These could be the main reasons for having weevils in bed.

  • Midnight snacks: It’s undeniable that having snacks and watching a movie in bed at night is relaxing after working and studying for hours. However, the food and those late-night trips to the pantry accidentally invite those nasty insects over to your room.
  • Pleasure of breakfast in a bed: Weevil infestation in your private space could be caused by your desire to have breakfast in the bed.

Step 2: Thoroughly clean your bed


Giving your bed a comprehensive cleaning is one of the essential methods of getting rid of weevils in the house.

  • Wash the set of bedding: Intensively washing bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets is considered the most appropriate technique to eliminate bugs. Make sure you do it immediately instead of leaving the filthy bedding on the floor or even in your doorway since that might allow them to move somewhere else.
  • Deep clean other areas of the bedroom: Vacuum thoroughly in other places such as wardrobes, desks, and other furniture in your bedroom and mob all furnishings underneath with liquid floor cleaners.

Step 3: Clean the pantry


Once getting rid of them in your bedroom, your kitchen is the root cause of the infestation. Cabinets are where you store food or pet supplies as well as where most heavy infestations start, it is necessary to clean your kitchen.

  • Clean the pantry and cabinet shelves: Vinegar or eucalyptus oil can be used here. It’s a lethal blend for the bugs when you mix the two. Make a combination of each equally and have a deep clean of all the kitchen racks and surfaces.
  • Check for holes in food packaging: As weevils live inside foods. Throw them in a trash bag, knot, and protect them from getting out. Dispose of the waste bag outside your house in a covered dustbin.

Step 4: Take dry food out in the sun

To get rid of the disturbance they may cause on your health, put your food items outside in the sun to force weevils to leave.

  • Distribute food equally: Spread the food source evenly to ensure that the sun is as heated as possible on the surface. Allow them to crawl out of the meal for around one hour.
  • Kill the weevils: After being left for severe heat from the sun, most weevils will ultimately die or be swept into the water.
  • Put the grain into a new bag: Put it in a bag when it is still warm to prevent weevils from sneaking in.

Step 5.1: Use weevil traps


Traps are an inexpensive solution to track insects. Weevil traps may be utilized in many ways with a variety of styles. Pheromone traps are quite efficient in drawing and promptly removing weevils.

Set up these adhesive traps around your kitchen: After setting up sticky traps, wait a bit to attract weevils. If they’re full of weevils, change to other traps.

Step 5.2: Use Food-grade DE


You can try to use pesticides if you’ve attempted to clean your bedroom, clothing, and weevils still annoy your home. Diatomaceous Earth is one of the effective natural pesticides against any insects, including mites, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, and weevils. However, long-term inhalation can be harmful to your lungs. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is fine to consume, but not to inhale. It can cause your lungs to become irritated and scarred.

  • Tidy food from the pantry: Remove every foodstuff from the cabinet shelves or racks.
  • Sprinkle DE: Distribute and leave it for a few days. Diatomaceous earth kills bugs by acting as a desiccant which means that it removes the humidity and dehydrates them.
  • Clean the DE with a vacuum.

Step 5.3: Use Chemical Insecticides

Chemical pesticides should be the last solution you need to use to get rid of weevils in the bedroom when you’ve done all these all-natural weevil treatments. Before applying the pesticide, follow the instructions carefully and make sure it is appropriate for indoor usage. Pesticides can be used properly and thoroughly to get weevil infection away for a long time.

  • Clean up the space: Discard any infested and non-sealed food sources where the infected item was discovered in the storage and vacuum the space.
  • Apply the chemical insecticide: Shake the sprayer and distribute it along the cracks and gaps in your clothing shelf or cupboard with rapid bursts at about 1 second to kill them.

Now, check this guide to know what to do after bed bug treatment.

Additional Advice on Preventing Weevils Infestation

Sadly, weevils will always get back unless you become attentive. You and your family may bring food inside the bedroom which will definitely catch those bugs’ attention again. In other words, it’s just half a task to get rid of them. To minimize further infestations, you need to take preventative action against such insects.

1. Freeze dry foods

Refrigerate dry foods in containers as soon as you bring them home. Weevils cannot survive in such cold spots as your fridge, yet your food sources will not be affected.

2. Store food items in airtight containers

Keeping your groceries in airtight containers or sealed bags ensures that the weevils cannot go in, which means that you can control weevil infestations.

3. Avoid keeping food for so long

Buying a big amount of groceries might be economical, but the risk of weevil invasion will be greatly increased. You will have a weevil outbreak very shortly if stored foods remain in the kitchen for a long time. In particular, buy lesser amounts so that you won’t have to leave them in your cooking area for weeks or months.

4. Place bay leaves around your apartment

They help get rid of undesirable insects. In cabinets, you may either leave dried bay leaves or put them in food items. Notice that every few months, you should replace them with new leaves. Bay leaves are a weevil’s natural deterrent. You can use it as a solution to avoid related infestations.

5. Inspect your dry food frequently

A practice of regular examination for such infestations is to keep them under control. Check this weevil infestation two times a month carefully.

Not only that, you might contact a professional or pest control specialist to permanently remove weevils from your place, thanks to their knowledge and necessary equipment.


While weevils can damage the quality of the foods, they do not have illness or infections. Although your health is not at risk, finding weevils is frustrating. The essential factor in getting rid of weevils in bed is eliminating the main cause.

With the help of this post on how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom, you may have various methods for getting rid of weevils in your bedroom and your house in general. Did you find this article efficient? Let me know your opinion in the comment and if you loved it, kindly share it with friends and family.

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