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How To Hang Pictures on Slanted Walls? – 5 Methods

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how to hang pictures on slanted walls

You probably heard many people telling you not to decorate your slanted walls; well, don’t mind them. Hanging pictures on a slanted wall will give life to your room, creating a unique effect you cannot achieve with straight walls.

Read on to discover various tips and ideas showing you how to hang pictures on slanted walls. Check them out.

Things to Prepare to Hang Pictures on Slanted Angles

Homeowners probably don’t like drilling and having holes in their walls. However, if you want to decorate slanted walls, it is necessary to ensure safety and keep the arts in place. So, depending on if you want to drill the walls or not, use one of the following tools:

  • Hook and loop tape
  • Keyhole hangers
  • T-lock hangers
  • Museum putty
  • J-brackets

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Method #1 Hook and Loop Tape


What makes decorating easier is the use of hook and loop tape. With these simple and durable tools, we can hang pictures on angled walls without worrying about them falling off.

The hook and loop tape has two sides: the other consists of small plastic hooks, while the other strip has loops. Some even refer to this as the male and female tapes.

In order to secure the frames at an angle:

  1. Run a long strip along the entire length of each side of the frame.
  2. Secure the other strip on the wall.
  3. Make sure that the two strips are aligned and fit each other. You can also press onto it to bind the strips.
  4. If you are afraid that the adhesive isn’t secured on the wall, you may use staples to keep them on the walls.

Method #2 Keyhole Hangers


If you are looking for an affordable way to hang artwork on slanted walls, keyhole hangers are your best option. Just note that drilling is necessary for this method.

You will need drywall anchors, four brackets, and four 1-inch screws to secure all the corners of the frame in place.

Drill the holes to put drywall anchors, then install your screws and brackets that go along with it. You can now slip the screw post the frame’s narrow channel to fasten it.

Method #3 T-Lock Hangers


T-lock, otherwise known as T-screw hangers, are a simple and sturdy method of hanging pictures on slanted angles. Using T-lock will prevent any artwork from falling, hence very friendly for the slanted wall.

All you have to do is drill holes and insert drywall anchors on it. Then, place the brackets and screws on the drywall. Once secured, you can now hang a mirror or artwork in it. Secure that the screws firmly hold the frame to prevent it from falling.

Method #4 Museum Putty


Museum putty is designed to protect ceramics, frames, and figurines from earthquakes.

However, it is capable of much more.

We can secure picture frames, mirrors, and artworks to walls using museum putty. The notable thing is, it is reusable and does not harm the paint.

It is quite simple to use museum putty for hanging art on slanted walls. All you have to do is shape the putty into pea-sized balls, strips, or both and apply it to the base of an object.

Remember to apply light pressure as you turn into place. It takes 30 minutes to set and comes off cleanly.

Also, to remove a frame, simply raise and twist it up from the bottom.

Method #5 J-Brackets

J-brackets are another great tool used to hold furniture firmly in a corner. But it can also be used for holding or mounting anything on walls. That is why using a J-bracket is another great way to hang pictures on slanted ceilings or walls.

Because of its J-shaped angle, the tool firmly secures the bottom piece of the frame.

Simply follow the width of the frame to secure the bracket’s longer side to the wall. The other side of the bracket then forms a J shape and should be able to brace the frame’s bottom. You can attach it to the bottom side to support the weight of the artwork or photo frame.

Then, tighten the screws to secure the frame, and it’s finished.



How do you decorate a slanted wall in a living room?

Decorating a slanted wall can be tricky. But there are a lot of ways to give life to the walls. Here are some things you can do:

  • Paint the slanted wall and give it a flush of color. You can choose a color that is neutral or a little bright. You can make it a statement wall as well.
  • Hanging a picture, mirror, or artwork is another way to decorate it.
  • Another thing you can do is to arrange your furniture in it. Place your sofa and side table in front of it.

How do you hang a picture straight without a level?

If you don’t have any level available in your home, use a ruler as a level to hang the pictures straight.

But if a ruler is still unavailable, use a marker or a pencil to mark the areas where you will hang the artwork to determine whether or not it is slanted.

You can also use a tape measure instead of a level and mark it with tape. It does the same thing. However, you would want to be careful that it will harm the wall once you remove the tape.

Can I use a command strips on slanted wall?

Command strips have super strong glue and can stick your paintings and decorations to the walls nicely.

However, if the pictures are a tad too heavy and it’s humid where you live, the strips might bring down your photographs and take off the wall paint.

So, you might use command strips for hanging art on slanted walls but for lightweight ones. And make sure the adhesive is not too strong that it damages the paint.


It can be a tremendous hassle to hang pictures on sloped walls. But you don’t need to be a skilled craftsman. All you need to do is consider the types of frame or artwork you want to hang.

The good news is slanted wall picture hanging can be accomplished very easily. Just follow this article’s instructions on how to hang pictures on slanted walls.

Now, get your artwork, pictures, or even a mirror, and hang it.

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