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What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls? (11 Best Colors)

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what color curtains go with gray walls

Gray walls are known for their capacity to radiate sophistication and neutrality in home designs. However, it is essential to compliment them with the perfect curtain color to enhance their elegance while also aligning with your taste and preferences.

Continue reading if you are interested in learning what color curtains go with gray walls. This article presents curtain ideas that indeed complement the sophisticated charm of gray walls and undoubtedly breathe life into the room.

A few excellent curtain colors for gray walls are white, gray, black, gold, cream, pink, beige, navy blue, and green emerald. Read on to find out more details.

Curtain Colors That Go Well With Gray Walls

Below are the top curtain options you can use to match your gray walls to add an agreeable touch of youthful vibes or sophisticated maturity to the room.

Neutral Colors

1. White


White curtains evoke a pristine elegance when blended with gray walls. They possess a delicate quality that balances welcoming natural light and safeguarding privacy. As a result, they create an enchanting and serene ambiance in all types of living spaces.

Furthermore, white curtains have the remarkable ability to make small rooms seem more spacious and comfortable. The combination never fails to bring out a graceful harmony with a timeless yet modern appeal.

2. Gray


Charcoal gray curtains possess the incredible ability to transform the perception of space in a truly remarkable way. These curtains impart a sense of masculinity and class flair to a living space.

Charcoal gray curtains paired with light gray walls convey a remarkable feeling of luxury. Moreover, these curtains completely change the room’s atmosphere, turning it into a sanctuary perfect for restful sleep as its opacity blocks most lights coming in.

You can also opt for light sheer gray curtains, which create a mesmerizing and ethereal ambiance. The translucent nature of the curtains allows for a gentle diffusion of light, resulting in a captivating airiness.

3. Black


The clever placement of a black curtain against a dark gray wall instantly brings an intriguing sense of depth and luxury to the room. This brilliant contrast highlights the captivating three-dimensional feel of the room, such as the shapes, depths, and contours within the space, which adds luxurious appeal.

The juxtaposition between black and gray also make the area seem more cozy and intimate, particularly in bedrooms.

4. Cream


Another neutral-colored curtain that matches the gray walls that should not be overlooked is cream. It offers a refreshing pause to a monotonous shade of gray by introducing a gentle break in the color scheme.

This visually soft tone creates a sense of tranquility, ensuring that the room’s aesthetic remains balanced without overwhelming the senses. And as cream is a neutral color like gray, both shades have equal footing, neither competing for attention nor fading into the background.

5. Beige


The exquisite display of beige curtains and gray walls showcases warm and refined beauty. The harmony between these neutral hues effortlessly brings balance, versatility, and a touch of luxury to any living space.

By embracing the classic charm of this captivating duo, you can transform your home into a haven of enduring style and unparalleled comfort. With their versatile appeal, beige curtains are perfect for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in living areas, bedrooms, or home offices.

Warm Colors

6. Gold


Gold curtains for the gray living room create a unique sense of elegant yet provocative impact. Blending these two colors emits a mesmerizing ambiance that seamlessly combines the charm of yesteryear with a modern edge.

The golden curtains exude a warm and enchanting aura found in vintage aesthetics, which commands attention. When combined with the sleek gray walls, the hue forms a vibrant and modern contrast that infuses a refreshing touch of contemporary style into the space.

7. Pink


Decorating with gray walls using delightful pink curtains is one sure way to enhance the charm of a girl’s room. These lovely curtains bring warmth and vibrancy to the space, creating a sweet and cheerful atmosphere that perfectly captures the essence of femininity.

In addition, this sophisticated combination effectively eliminates any chilly undertones often linked to gray, leaving behind a cozy and inviting ambiance.

8. Floral Curtains With Gray Sheers


The fusion of vibrant floral curtains with gray sheer on a gray wall creates a mesmerizing combination of dynamic drama and innovative design. The striking multi-shades of floral patterns will stand out and breathe summer ambiance into the room.

This exquisite curtain combination fosters artistic expression and uniqueness brought by different floral patterns. It ensures effortless coordination with other decorative elements of the place.

9. Earthy Red


Although earthy red curtains may initially seem intense, they can create a breathtaking effect when used to complement gray. They infuse an earthy warmth to enhance the monotonousness of gray shades, transforming the place into an irresistible place to hang out.

Furthermore, incorporating an earthy red curtain brings out the character and theme of the room. In a predominantly neutral and gray setting, the addition of this curtain color adds a bold and expressive element, making a statement that showcases your unique personality and style.

Cold Colors

10. Navy Blue


The combination of navy blue curtains and gray walls creates an incredibly captivating effect that instantly grabs attention. The deep navy blue tone beautifully enhances the calm, neutral shades of gray, resulting in a visually stunning space.

The curtains become a captivating focal point against the serene gray backdrop. The perfect balance between richness and tranquility is achieved by creating an elegant appeal that caters to traditional and modern themes and styles.

This blue-and-gray palette creates an irresistible touch that is perfect for all living space themes. Whether you’re aiming for contemporary chic, classic sophistication, or a coastal charm theme, this pairing is sure to make a lasting impression.

11. Green Emerald


Combining emerald green curtains with gray walls creates a striking and luxurious contrast, instantly elevating the room with elegance and depth. The vibrant green hue evokes a sense of freshness and growth, while the gray backdrop provides perfect balance and stability.

The contrast created by the rich and vibrant jewel-toned curtains against the cool, neutral canvas of the gray walls is genuinely mesmerizing. The vivid green color shines brilliantly, giving life to the space and forming a visually captivating insight that keeps you thoroughly entranced.


Choosing what color curtains go with gray walls significantly impacts the creation of a room’s character, ambiance, and style. Each combination of curtain colors and gray walls creates a distinct atmosphere, showcasing the place’s exceptional versatility and transformative ability.

Whether you seek elegance, warmth, drama, or a touch of luxury, the perfect fusion of the curtains above, and gray walls transformed many homes into a welcoming haven. I trust that the provided details have guided you in your quest to find the ideal curtain for your living space.

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