Where to Put a TV in a Bedroom? – 5 Best Places

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where to put a tv in a bedroom

Are you thinking of putting a TV in your bedroom? Can’t decide which wall and what mount to set it up with?

When deciding where to put a TV in a bedroom, think about where it is most comfortable to watch and how it can integrate well into the room.

You can set the device up in front of the bed, beside it, in the corner, or even in another section of the bedroom. There are many types of furniture, designs, and storage ideas to make it blend seamlessly with your interior.

Where to Place a TV in a Bedroom?

1. TV on the Wall in Front of the Bed

This is the most common bedroom TV setup, ideal for those who love to watch shows while in bed or in the morning before going to work.

Some say that such easy access to the TV during bedtime may cause sleep disruption. Some may not agree with the television being such a focal point of a bedroom either.

But there are certainly advantages to having a very comfortable spot from which to enjoy shows or movies with unobstructed views. TV in front of bed ideas also allows for many fixtures and design options.

  • You can place the TV on top of dresser in the bedroom at the most appropriate height. The dresser not only serves as a TV mount but also as a storage unit in the room.


  • If you want to put a large TV in the bedroom, you may want to go for a sleek wall mount where the unit is recessed into an accent wall. This saves space while at the same time integrating the television into the room design.


  • You can also mount the TV on the wall with brackets. The addition of a floating shelf with accessories can keep the TV area from looking too bare and also level up your bedroom aesthetic.


  • If you want to put TV in the master bedroom and find that the wall in front of the bed is too far, you may want to construct a partition wall on which to mount the television. This partition area can also separate the sleeping section from the wardrobe and seating area.

It also removes the sensation of ‘dead space’ in the middle of the room while bringing the TV closer to the bed for more comfortable viewing.


2. TV in Corner of Bedroom

A TV set up in the bedroom corner is suitable for smaller areas with limited wall space. The obvious disadvantage is the awkward angle for TV viewing from the bed.

  • A ceiling or wall mount from where you can hang TV in the bedroom corner is a great minimalist space saver.

This is a much more space-efficient solution than placing a dresser in the corner that would obstruct the room flow and take up a lot of space.

  • You can also use a corner TV mount that allows the TV to swivel so that it faces the bed. You can simply push the device back against the wall when it’s not in use.


3. TV On the Wall Beside the Bed

Here is an idea for those who do not want to fall asleep watching TV.

Setting up your TV on the side of the bed may discourage you from long viewing hours because you will have to sit across the television to watch it comfortably.

If ever you do leave the appliance playing while already in bed, at least your eyes will not be directly catching the blue light from the device.

This placement is for those who do not wish for the TV to be the focal point of the room. A useful dresser or console that is not just a decorative piece would be a good mount for a TV at the side of a bed.

You can look at some TV on dresser in the bedroom ideas to choose an appropriate style of furniture.


4. TV on Freestanding Mount

Sometimes, TV in bedroom solutions needs to work with layouts and interior design that do not leave the usual spaces to hang a television.

A movable TV stand works when there is no wall space for a TV in the bedroom. It allows for easy adjustments regarding the fixture’s height and tilt, and the flexibility to move the screen around where you feel most comfortable watching it.

The stand might just be a bit more challenging to camouflage within the room design, as it would tend to have a modern or even industrial look.


5. TV in Separate Room Section

Bedroom layout ideas with TV usually place the television near the bed. But if you have a spacious master bedroom, why not make the most of the large floor plan?

You can set up one nook as a seating area with the TV, or a work and study area which also houses the TV. You can even put the TV in your en suite bathroom if it is large enough! TV in master bedroom ideas for luxurious spaces can certainly be more creative.

Setting your television up in a separate section of a large room maximizes the use of the floor area and provides a viewing location that is more discreet and does not disturb sleep.

On the downside, this option is like designing another room, with the additional labor, costs, and time to put it together.


Important Reminders for TV Setup

Whether you want to put a TV in a small bedroom or a majestic master suite, remember the following guidelines to ensure your comfort, eye and neck health, and maximum enjoyment.

  • The viewer would be most comfortable facing the screen directly, whether in bed or seated.
  • The middle of the screen should be at the eye level of the viewer. If possible, tilt the screen so viewers need not strain their necks to get the best view.
  • The ideal viewing distance is around 2.5 times the diagonal length of the television screen. Too close or too far will cause eye strain.
  • The TV would be best located where it will not hinder movement or interfere with other fixtures in the room.
  • Keep the TV away from windows to minimize glare.

It may not be possible to fulfill each condition, but at least you are now aware of the important basics to consider and include in your planning. Now let’s talk about some options for TV placement in the bedroom.



How can you hide your TV in a bedroom?

  • A TV bed end unit is a piece of furniture placed at the foot of the bed that allows you to retract the TV. When the TV is tucked away, the unit looks like an ordinary console or dresser.
  • Some beds have built-in storage, too, so you can have a TV at the end of the bed that can be concealed at the press of a button.
  • A cabinet or sliding panels on a wall can also hide your TV. Sliding panels are more space efficient, without cumbersome cabinet doors hanging open while the TV is in use.

Should the TV be in front of the bed?

Depends on who you ask! While this is a common choice from an interior design perspective, sleep experts (and even random threads on Reddit) warn us that we should not even place the TV in the bedroom at all to protect our quality of sleep.

If it cannot be avoided that a TV be placed in a bedroom right in front of the bed, consider limiting the hours of use and switching off at least one hour before sleep time.

You can also turn down the brightness and sound, or wear blue light glasses to minimize the disruption to your sleep cycle.

Where is the best place to put your TV in your bedroom?

As with many design questions, this comes down to personal preference.

If you love to watch TV in bed and this does not cause sleeping problems, then placing your TV on the wall in front of the bed may be the best.

If you prefer to keep the sleeping area separate from entertainment, perhaps you should place the television in another section of your bedroom.


In deciding where to put a TV in a bedroom, think about whether you want it to be a central piece in the room and how you can maximize comfort and style. Different mounts and fixtures can help you achieve the look and feel you want.

  • You can place it on the wall right across your bed for maximum comfort and enjoyment.
  • Consider the bedroom corner or the wall adjacent to the bed if your TV is not meant to be the centerpiece.
  • A separate section away from the sleeping area will work in more spacious bedrooms.
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