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80 Inch TV Dimensions: Will It Fit in Your Space?

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80 inch tv dimensions

A smart TV is a modern marvel of technology, combining a high-definition display with internet connectivity. It gives you a seamless and interactive experience right in your living room.

One of the popular choices for most households now is the 80 inch TV dimensions, which have a standard width of 177 cm or 69.7 in inches and a height of 99.6 in cm or 39.2 inches.

Join us as we uncover dimensions and more important notes for flat-screen TVs.

80” TV DimensionsUnderstanding TV dimensions is crucial for practical and aesthetic reasons. It ensures the TV fits your space, maintains visual balance, and works with furniture. It helps find a comfortable viewing distance, simplifies transport, and affects costs.

Plus, it aids in integrating with home theater systems for a seamless entertainment experience.

Actual Dimensions of a 80-inch TV


In the context of a TV, actual dimensions refer to the exact measurements of the television, including its width, height, and depth, typically expressed in inches or centimeters.

Note that actual dimensions are different from screen size, which refers to the diagonal measurement of the TV screen. So, how wide is an 80 inch TV?

The actual dimensions are as follows:

Width Height Area
Inches 67.7 39.2 2732 in²

(1.763 m²)

Cm 177 99.6

Variations Based on Different Brand and Model


Different brands and models have variations on measurements. Check out this TV dimensions chart below:


Brands and Model

Width Height Depth
Brand: Hisense

Model: 80L5

with stand 19.96 in 12.44 in N/A
without stand 13.62 in 6.22 in N/A
Brand: Vizio

Model: E80-E3

with stand 71.6 in 44.2 in 15.2 in
without stand 71.6 in 41.2 in 3.2 in
Brand: Sharp

Model: LC-80LE650U

with stand 71.88 in 43.63 in 17.5 in
without stand 71.88 in 42.75 in 3.88 in
Brand: Panasonic

Model: TH-80SF2HU

with stand N/A N/A N/A
without stand 72.3 in 41.8 in 3.3 in

Wondering if a Bigger TV is the Right Choice?

Many times we have heard that big TV sizes are always the better choice. Many users are loving bigger TV screen sizes and find it good for a cinematic vibe or even gaming.

However, there are several factors users should look for when choosing the TV size for a room:

1. Room size


Assess the dimensions of the room where the TV will be placed. Larger rooms can accommodate larger TVs, while smaller spaces may benefit from more modest sizes.

2. Viewing distance


Determine the optimal viewing distance between your seating area and the TV. Adhering to the recommended viewing distance for TV size you have can ensure a comfortable and immersive viewing experience.

You must know your TV size for viewing distance. To compute, you must multiply the TV size by 1.2.

Hence, for an 80-inch TV, the recommended viewing distance is 96 inches or 2.3 meters.

3. Resolution


Consider the TV’s resolution, especially if you watch a lot of 4k content. Larger screens can showcase higher resolutions more effectively.

4. TV position


Aside from TV size distance, TV placement should also be considered. Decide where the TV will be positioned- wall-mounted, on a stand, or within a piece of furniture. Ensure it complements the room’s layout and doesn’t obstruct views. You may also consider aesthetics, cable management, and flexibility in placement.

Also, the ideal TV placement is eye-level when seated, centered on the main seating area, free from glare, and securely anchored. It was recommended that TVs be placed one meter from the floor, but this may vary based on the user’s height and the sofa’s height.

5. Budget



Set a budget for your flat screen TV purchase. Larger TVs tend to come with higher price tags, so balance size with your financial considerations.

6. Personal preferences


Your personal preferences matter. Some prefer the cinematic feel of a larger screen, while others optimize a size that integrates seamlessly into their living space.


The 80 inch TV dimensions represent a captivating fusion of size and technology, redefining the way we engage with entertainment. The 80 inch TV stands as a symbol of modern innovation, bridging the gap between cinematic grandeur and home entertainment.

Whether it’s for movie nights, gaming marathons, or simply enjoying your favorite content, the 80-inch TV dimensions open doors to a world of visual splendor and endless possibilities in your own space.

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