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4 Best Garage Door Window Covering Ideas

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Garage Door Window Covering Ideas

Are you on the hunt for creative and stylish ways to cover your garage door windows? In this article, we will explore a range of garage door window covering ideas that not only add privacy and security but also evaluate your home’s exterior aesthetics.

Whether you prefer traditional blinds, frosted films, or even DIY solutions, we’ve got you covered with numerous innovative options to suit your needs.

Options for Garage Door Window Covering


When it comes to combining style with privacy, you have several effective options for curtains ideas, and we will delve into these popular choices as follows: mirror window film, wax paper, rice paper, frosted windows, and window coverings.

Let’s see each approach’s benefits as well as drawbacks.

1. Mirror window film

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One popular choice is applying black window film, which is a versatile choice that offers both privacy and styles. Crafted from a dark, reflective material, window film not only adds a touch of personality but also works wonders in reducing cooling costs during those scorching summer months.

During the day, a precut garage window tint film creates a shield of seclusion, preventing prying eyes from peering into your garage. However, come nighttime, the mirror effect gets reversed, granting visibility from the outside when a light is switched on indoors.

However, if you’re considering other options, frosting the windows with a spray can or trying out various window films can be just as effective. Obscure glass is a viable option for those looking for elegance. While it maintains privacy, it does come with a slight trade-off with some visibility into the garage.

If you desire complete seclusion without compromising on the view outside, opaque films might be your best choice. These special privacy films grant you the freedom to gaze at your surroundings from within your private haven.

  • Reduces cooling costs by reflecting sunlight away.
  • Adds personality and creativity.
  • The dark gray color offers excellent daytime privacy.
  • Convenient DIY solution for privacy.
  • Long-lasting usage.
  • Allows visibility from the outside at night if there’s light inside.
  • Other privacy film options, like frosted or opaque films, may provide different benefits.

2. Wax Paper


For those seeking a budget-friendly alternative, consider using wax paper as a quick and inexpensive way to obscure the view from the outside.

  • You need to cut the wax paper to the size of your garage window and then tape it securely in place.
  • Alternatively, you can opt for a layer of cornstarch paste spread evenly on the window, adhering to the wax paper, and wait for it to harden.
  • Once the wax paper is in place, you’ll find that it effectively blocks the view from the outside, ensuring complete privacy within your garage space

One of the greatest advantages of using wax paper is its affordability and accessibility. It’s inexpensive to purchase, and tape, being a readily available item, only adds to the convenience.

Although this method is a fantastic quick fix, keep in mind that you won’t be able to see out without removing the tape. However, the added privacy and affordability make it a valuable solution, particularly in urgent situations or temporary setups.

Plus, if you ever find yourself in a bind, wax paper and tape can come to the rescue, offering you a reliable privacy option without breaking the bank!

  • An easy and budget-friendly option to cover garage windows.
  • Offers a quick and temporary fix for privacy needs.
  • You can’t look out without removing the tape.
  • Limited durability compared to other window covering options.
  • The appearance may not be polished or aesthetically pleasing.

3. Frosted window


Frosted windows strike a perfect balance between privacy and natural light. You have the option of using frosted glass paint or frosted glass spray, both of which can be easily applied to your windows.

With frosted windows, your garage windows exude a cloudy, blurry look from the outside, effectively obscuring the view inside and granting you the privacy you desire. But don’t worry it would lose natural light, as a frosted film still allows ample sunlight to filter through, beautifully lighting up your garage space.

If you’ve ever admired the aesthetic beauty of stained glass windows, there’s an affordable and creative solution for you too. The Gallery Glass paint allows you to transform your garage door windows into stunning pieces that resemble authentic stained glass.

You can also design further by adding garage door window cover inserts to touch up the appearance of your garage.

While DIY frosted glass projects offer a satisfying sense of accomplishment, we understand that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially with larger glass windows. In such cases, calling a professional company to handle the frosting is a prudent decision.

  • Allows ample natural light to enter the garage.
  • Both frosted glass paint and spray are readily available online.
  • Helps protect against harmful UV rays.
  • Offers an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • DIY application might require some skill and precision for a flawless finish.
  • In large garages with extensive glass windows, professional assistance may be required.

4. Window Coverings

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For a seamless and sophisticated look, you can’t go wrong with installing blinds or garage window shades over the windows as they offer complete control over privacy and sunlight, as well as an array of styles to complement your garage decor.

  • If you want to achieve complete blackout conditions, blackout shades emerge as a top contender.
  • Among the popular choices in this category are roller shades and cellular shades, both of which are affordable and simple to set up.
  • Sun shade is another option you can choose for better UV protection.
  • Window blinds, meanwhile, provide an equally contemporary touch for your garage, and a wide range of affordable options makes them a feasible choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

For your garage window treatments, consider using vertical blinds for larger, floor-to-ceiling, or patio-facing garage windows.

However, it’s important to note that window blinds may accumulate dust and debris over time, which requires regular cleaning.

Further options in the realm of shades and blinds for garage windows include woven wood shades, horizontal sheer shades for controlled daylight, faux wood blinds suitable for humid environments like garages, and classic wood blinds.

  • Enhance privacy and control over the brightness.
  • Versatile design options for various garage window sizes and styles.
  • Window blinds may accumulate dust and require regular cleaning.
  • Installation might require some skill, especially for larger windows.


So there you have it – a toolkit of garage door window covering ideas to elevate your space. Whether you’re leaning towards the sleekness of frosted glass, the convenience of blackout shades, or the modern touch of blinds, these options cater to your style and needs.

Let your garage reflect your unique taste while enjoying the benefits of enhanced privacy, style, and functionality. Try out these interesting curtains ideas and watch your garage transform into a cozy haven with a personality all its own.

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