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Standard Doorbell Height – Recommended Height

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standard doorbell height

As every part of a house must be according to standards and plans, doorbells are no exception. Finding the right and standard height for your doorbell is also vital since it is the first thing visitors find to notify their arrival.

Primarily, homeowners apply the 4 feet or 48 inches from the ground height method since most consider it the standard doorbell height. But there are other factors that you may consider before deciding.

Let’s find out more about it below.


Kinds of Video Doorbells and Their Height


Video doorbells are the modern type of doorbell nowadays. It works like a security camera but with a few added features. For example, you can communicate with the visitors using the audio and camera of the video doorbell.

For more variations, here are some of the kinds of well-known video doorbells you can choose from:

  • Ring doorbell
  • Ring doorbell 2
  • Ring doorbell 3 plus
  • Wyze doorbell
  • Arlo video doorbell

In mounting and installing, it may be different (types and kinds) or the same regarding their height. Anyway, the first you need to know is the standard height of your doorbell.


Type Recommended height 
Ring Doorbell
Ring Doorbell 2
Ring Doorbell 3+
Arlo Video Doorbell
48 inches from the ground
Wyze Doorbell 40 to 44 inches from the ground

For Ring Doorbell, Ring Doorbell 2, Ring Doorbell 3 plus, and Arlo Video Doorbell, the recommended height to be installed are at least 48 inches from the ground.

In comparison, the Wyze Doorbell height should be 40 to 44 inches from the ground.

How High Should a Doorbell Be? Doorbell Placement Tips

When it comes to doorbells, you might think that you can put them anywhere, just beside the door and at any height you want, but actually, there are essential things you need to consider:


1. Disabled entrance


Consider people with disabilities or the elderly that are in wheelchairs. So they can easily reach the doorbell switch. Normally, for families with a disable member, the comfortable height to install a door handle or door belt is 35 – 40 inches.

2. Decor

Consider your exterior doorbell and door decor because, for instance, some doors don’t have free space to install doorbells.

3. Kids

It is either you have a lot of kids, nieces or nephews, or you are just fond of kids; you should also consider what minimum height they can reach.

4. Camera


This factor applies to modern doorbells, as the camera should be placed at the chest level of the doorway. You should consider this to determine the video doorbell height to achieve the angle you want to capture with your camera.

Oftentimes, it’s the standard 45 – 48 inches.

5. Audio

Just like when it comes to the camera, you should consider an accessible height for the video doorbell for visitors to use the audio well. If the doorbelt is too low, it’s hard to capture the voice of your visitors.

6. Security

With the camera and audio, you need to consider security in the range of its features and how efficient and effective it will function depending on its height or location.

How to Position a Doorbell Button at Standard Residential Door Height?


If you’re still in a trance about what position and angle you should place your doorbell, here’s a guideline with steps to help you with your problem.

  • Placement – You can consider placing the doorbell button on the wall next to the door or just right beside the door (if there is any space left). But most importantly, you need to place it on the same side as the door handle.
  • Height – Finding the correct height is essential. Standard height ranges between 40 to 48 inches, depending on your doorbell type (check the list above for types of doorbells).
  • Styles – Style may be in line with quality. Doorbell styles may vary on brand and material. It is usually metal or plastic, and other styles are visible at night if you often have visitors late.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I raise the height of my doorbell?

If you are going to DIY, you need to remove the current doorbell, make a hole where you want to raise your doorbell, find the wire, connect it to the new doorbell and install it. But to make sure, you should get a handyperson to help you.

What is the proper height for a doorbell?

The proper height for a doorbell is 40 – 48 inches because it is suitable for both adults and older children to reach.

What is the ring doorbell mounting height?

Horizontally, the ring in the doorbell video can move up and down 180 degrees. Furthermore, most rings allow visibility of things from 5 – 30 feet from the doorbell itself.

The mounting height for the ring doorbell is 4 feet from the ground since it is the right angle for the camera to see the visitor and the surroundings.


Doorbell brings convenience and, at times, security to our homes. Choosing the doorbell type may also play a key role. So, it is essential that we make sure it is well-installed and functioning well as it should be.

There might be various reasons to consider how high or low you mount your doorbell, or you can just follow the standard doorbell height. You still need to consider what you think is most convenient for you and your visitors.

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