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What is a Tandem Garage? (Types, Dimensions & Set-up)

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What is a Tandem Garage

If you are searching for a smarter garage option, the question you should be asking is, “What is a tandem garage?”

Tandem garages offer a space-saving option compared to regular double garages.

It comes in various types, such as the 2-car tandem garage, the 3-car tandem garage, and the 4-car tandem garage. And these cars will be placed one in front of the next to make one line.

For instance, a tandem parking lot must have a width of at least 12 feet and a length of at least 32 to 36 feet to fit two cars.

Are you thinking about upgrading to a tandem garage? Here’s what you should know:

What is a Tandem Garage?

A tandem garage means that instead of two garages next to each other, it puts them in a line, one after the other. This way, it uses less space but can still fit more than one car.

Tandem garages are often seen in houses where there’s not much space, like in cities or areas with small yards.

Unlike the traditional garage, where cars are parked side by side, this provides better access to each vehicle but may potentially require more space.

When measuring for tandem garage plans, the size of the required space should accommodate the width of your car, and its length should leave some space between the length of your cars. Also, check the street width for car access and storage inside the garage.

Types, Dimensions, and Set-up of Tandem Garages

1. Two-car tandem garage


  1. This is also known as a double-back garage, it allows two cars to park in a single line, one behind the other, sharing the same space.
  2. The layout enables convenient entry for both vehicles. It can be especially advantageous when the garage is connected to the house.
  3. The garage width for 2 cars is around 12 feet, and has a length between 32-36 feet.

2. Three-car tandem garage


  1. This kind of tandem parking lot is great for big families that need more space for multiple cars.
  2. Setting up a 3-car tandem garage requires careful planning to ensure that all three cars can be easily accessed and maneuvered without any issues. Normally, the layout involves arranging it in an L-shape, with one side being two cars wide and the other side being two cars deep.
  3. Its dimensions may vary between 12 and 24 feet in width and 16 and 36 feet in length.

3. Four-car tandem garage


  1. This parking space can fit four cars in a row. Because it’s longer, a 4-car tandem garage needs careful planning to ensure that all the cars can be easily taken in and out.
  2. It is a large garage that can accommodate four cars parked in a row, one behind the other, in an L-shaped layout. in other words, It’s like two regular double-car garages connected at a right angle, with cars parked two deep in each section.
  3. The minimum square footage for its layout is about 24-28 feet in width and 38-40 feet in depth.
  4. For space efficiency, you can also use this garage for other purposes, such as storage or recreational activities.

Tandem Garage Benefits and Drawback

Before deciding if deep garage plans are the right fit for your needs, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

  • Cost Savings: These garages are cheaper to build than separate garages.
  • Enhanced Security: Can be more secure with fewer entry points.
  • Extra Storage: Room for storing tools, bikes, or other items.
  • Convenience: It’s easier to access both cars in one location.
  • Curb Appeal: A single garage door looks neater from the outside.
  • Can Be Converted: Can be transformed into a living space or workshop.
  • Limited Access: You may need to move one car to access the other.
  • Resale Limitations: Some buyers prefer traditional two-car garages.
  • Parking Challenges: Coordination is needed to park and exit.
  • Ventilation Issues: It can get stuffy without proper ventilation.
  • Less Privacy: Noise or fumes can affect both cars.


At this point, you already know the answer to the question, ‘What is a tandem garage?’ Most likely, this overview sheds light on the benefits and considerations related to tandem garages, so you now know whether such a parking arrangement suits your practical needs and preferences. This guide will definitely help you in make a well-informed choice. Best!

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