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What Wall Color Goes With Black Furniture? (12 Color Ideas)

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what wall color goes with black furniture

Black furniture is trendy and timeless. However, the color black is not for everyone. It is chilly, intimidating and gloomy for some.

Nevertheless, pairing your black furniture with the proper color palette and design will offer your space elegance, drama, sophistication, and boldness.

Instead of utilizing it as your wall paint, use it as an accent hue in your space. This is excellent for bringing a contemporary touch to your home.

So, what wall color goes with black furniture? Here are some striking choices:

Wall Colors for Black Furniture

Nowadays, black is getting popular. With the following suggestions, you will discover how to incorporate these trends into your house. And you’ll be aware of the best wall color to keep in mind.

1. White


The combination of black and white has always been common and widely used. If you have black furniture and want a contrasting accent wall, you may choose white walls.

For the perfect monochromatic look, you can pair white walls with both black and white furniture. This can keep the consistency between the walls and furniture and, at the same time, make your black furniture the center of attention in your room, giving a classic and modern feel.

2. Neutral Tones


One of the living room wall colors that will make your room stylish and comfortable is neutral tone. Neutral tones, including beige, cream, taupe and khaki can be the warm wall colors for black furniture.

When paired with darker pieces, these colors offer a nice contrast and warm ambiance to your living room making it inviting to guests.

3. Grey


Grey and black are adjacent on the color spectrum, so they may enjoy each other’s company. This combination is not only contemporary and minimal, but it also has the potential for creative expression.

If you want to make the space appear larger and draw attention to the dark color of your black furnishings, go with grey walls. In decorating, you may also choose to utilize a grey colour carpet, a rug, cushions, and any other accessories that will provide life to your space.

Furthermore, grey is a flexible hue that works well not only with black but also black and gold furniture. Since it comes in both warm and cool tones, it can complement any color without clashing with it.

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4. Blue


Darker shades of blue such as navy, indigo and cobalt, look stylish and nautical when combined with black furniture.

If you prefer light blue wall colors, you will get an oceanic sensation that will soothe your mood.

This is also an excellent choice of color for bedroom walls. Your bedroom colors have an impact on your sleep. Hence, pairing a blue wall with your black bedroom furniture will produce a tranquil and pleasant environment suitable to sleep.

5. Bold Yellow


Living room color ideas like a combination of black furniture with bright yellow will bring a burst of excitement and energy to your space. It may have a bold, appealing, and elegant appearance.

If you want to add a Mediterranean flair to your living room, this is a wonderful choice.

6. Rusty Red


A red and black combo can never go wrong. It’s no surprise that black furniture looks well with brick walls, especially if you like the industrial interior design style.

You don’t have to use a brick to achieve that industrial look. The appearance may be achieved by using a red wall color.

7. Black


The black accent wall in conjunction with the black furnishings appears surreal. However, black on black is both achievable and gorgeous. It aids in making a vast area feel cozy and energizing. This exudes elegance and drama.

If you are choosing dining room wall colors, choosing black walls will modernize the look. Black is simpler to wear in the kitchen and looks sleek and stylish.

You may lessen its assertiveness by adding neutral carpeting, ceilings, or another neutral-colored décor.

8. Gold


Gold represents richness, and extravagance. Black on the other hand, signifies power, elegance and sophistication. It’s no surprise that when they are combined, they give your space an extremely luxurious and elegant look.

This pair makes a bold statement in any room.

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9. Pink


Pink is another versatile color that can go well with any color. Any hue of pink combined with black furniture creates a charming, elegant effect in your living area.

The vibrancy and sweetness of the pink wall are balanced with black. Pink, on the other hand, will give individuality and a splash of color to your black furniture.

10. Peach


Dark hues create a gloomy atmosphere, therefore combine them with a cheerful color like peach to soften the heaviness of the furnishings. You may also create a sense of warmth in the area by combining peach walls with black furnishings.

When black and peach are combined, they create a serene atmosphere in your house. Your space becomes more inviting, engaging, and enticing.

11. Sage Green


Sage green may convert your living area into a relaxing refuge. It may also provide warmth and lushness to the environment. Aside from that, sage may create a quiet, tranquil, and relaxed atmosphere in the space.

For a hint of industrial drama, pair your black furniture with a sage green wall. The black will provide a contemporary touch, while the sage will keep it clean and fresh. As a result, they form an excellent combination.

12. Brown


Black and brown may appear to be an odd combination. Because both are dark hues, choosing the perfect shade of brown may create a comforting and warm environment just like any other brilliant color.

A black sofa with brown walls, for example, might seem really fashionable in your space. You may add brightly colored items to offer a splash of color and spice up the environment. Organic features such as woven baskets, natural timbers, and plants can also be used to enhance the serene vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is black furniture in style?

Exactly! The elegance of black will never go out of style. It can make your place look stylish and opulent in any season or setting. It’s also wonderful for bringing a trendy touch to your decor.

What colours go best with a black sofa?

Black is a flexible hue that may be used with any other color depending on the mood of the space. White, pastel hues in yellow and peach tones, gray, sky blue, and light earth tones like tan and beige are popular selections.

The earth tones and white tints allow the black sofa to be the central focus of the space. Using pastel hues will ease the sofa’s aggressiveness. Combining dark furniture with light-colored walls is an excellent technique to brighten the space.

However, gray walls will give your space a monochrome aspect, giving it a mature and serious sense.

What colors go with black in a living room?

A wide range of hues and tones complement black. Consider the following while selecting wall colors for your living room:

  • Paints in light colors

Light hues that lighten the look of your home are great for highlighting your black furnishings.

  • Neutral Colors

Choose neutral colors to provide contrast. This color looks well with black furniture. This creates a cozy and welcoming living space.

  • Vibrant and eye-catching

Bright and strong colors on the walls make the space appear bigger and more vivid. This makes the place more inviting and warm too.

  • Rich and opulent

Sapphire, emerald, ruby, and amethyst blend beautifully with sleek black furnishings as well. It adds elegance and sophistication to the environment.


Because black is a neutral hue, it allows a wide range of design choices. However, you should be aware that different colors create distinct moods in your space.

The main challenge is figuring out how to combine this timeless hue into your chosen design.

At the end of the day, there is no correct or wrong answer to the question of what wall color goes with black furniture. Just make sure the color you choose for your walls go with black furniture to avoid getting overwhelmed with the colors since not all colors go with black furniture

Choose among the suggested colors above and you can rock that black furniture.

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