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9 Purple Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

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purple two colour combination for bedroom walls

Do you want your room to give the impression that you are royalty? Or perhaps you want to have a carefree feel to it? In that case, purple is the best color for you.

Studies indicate that environments with purple accents make people feel happier. Purple is, however, intimidating when it comes to interior design. A room with purple walls is therefore unpopular among homeowners.

In light of this, this article offers nine suggestions for purple two colour combination for bedroom walls, so you can obtain the purple mood you want for your room without compromising anything.

Lists of Purple Two Color Combination for Bedroom Walls

Light Colors Combination

Purple is linked to joyful, carefree feelings. A room can be made extra cozy, calming, and soothing by mixing it with other light colors from the color wheel.

1. Purple and Pink Bedroom Wall Color



If you may ask, what color goes with purple walls? Among the many combinations, purple and pink are arguably one of the most well-known color pairings since they are nearby colors on the color wheel.

Pink accents make a wall of purple attractive and seize the limelight.

Additionally, darker furnishings will provide a more appealing effect and better contrast with your pink and purple bedroom walls. Your room will look more sophisticated and feminine as a result.

The purple pink room colour is also perfect for you if you want to have fun with your room and sleep soundly. Purple will produce a joyful, energizing attitude when matched with pink.

2. Purple and Yellow Bedroom Wall Color


Doesn’t a crown typically come in gold or yellow? In this case, yellow and purple complement each other effectively to best evoke nobility. But here goes the challenge, striking the right balance will be difficult in this color scheme and require some forward work.

The results, though, will unquestionably be pleasant and give your area the liveliness and the grandeur vibe you want.

Yellow and purple wall color combinations are also vivacious, joyful, and incredibly striking. These are your finest choice if you want to make your room feel alive and enjoyable.

3. Purple and Green Bedroom Wall Color


Another enduringly well-liked pairing of wall colors is green and purple. The idea is that because the two colors are so radically dissimilar, they stand out when combined.

As indicated by how frequently these combinations are used in kids’ rooms and nurseries, this color combination is calming and provides a youthful mood, especially when paired with a lighter shade of green.

Utilizing the colors green and purple in your bedroom will enable you to design a setting that invites luxury and supports your growth and advancements.

4. Purple and White Bedroom Wall Color


What other color contrasts with purple more effectively than white? White is a color associated with pureness and simplicity, and when a white and light purple colour combination is observed, a room can simultaneously appear simple and elegant.

To continue the development of a comfortable atmosphere in your room, choose furniture and accents in a white tone or any shade of purple like in the illustration below if you decide to have a white and light purple wall colour combination.

5. Purple and Light Purple Bedroom Wall Color


How can we overlook the purple and light purple color combination? Nothing complements purple better than the color itself but in a milder shade.

If you want wall colors that don’t strain your eyes with incredibly distinct colors from the color wheel, a monochromatic color scheme is a good choice. With it, you can easily add accents to the room because you only need to think about one color to consider.

A dark and light purple mixture, as seen in the image below, can complement white interior decor best and will unquestionably give your area a royal and fashionable image.

6. Purple and Blue Bedroom Wall Color


Blue and purple walls are also something to take into consideration. Combined, these two conventional and regal colors create an imposing or relaxing aura. You can match purple with either a darker or lighter shade of blue; nevertheless, either one of the two will look good in your room.

The darker blue shade enhances the appearance of purple, especially if it has a colder tone. By utilizing these combinations, you can fulfill your desires for your room to radiate a mysterious and regal ambiance. Such adds excitement and masterful storytelling.

On the other hand, the light blue and purple colors will give you a more traditional or rustic feeling yet seem fresh and new. Light blue is ideal for promoting relaxation since it is calming and symbolizes peace and tranquility. Purple complements it by stimulating creative independence.

If you aim for blue and purple combinations, add a calm color to the bedroom through furniture and other accents. It will make the intended color scheme stand out and give your space a more majestic image.

Dark Colors Combination

Purple stimulates your imagination and gives you a sense of mystery when mixed with dark colors from the color wheel. These pairings will help convey a sense of luxury and nobility to your space.

1. Purple and Black Bedroom Wall Color


Black and purple are another purple 2 color combination for bedroom walls to take into consideration. Despite its intimidating and enigmatic appearance, this combo appears stylish and contemporary to those with a good eye.

While purple in the bedroom symbolizes elegance and uniqueness, black denotes control, dominance, and resolve. These are the ideal mixtures to offer you a space that exudes grandeur and elegance.

To neutralize the color scheme of the area, lighter colors like off-white should be used for the interior decorations.

2. Purple and Red Bedroom Wall Color


For some people, the combination of purple and red might not work because it looks gory and sinister. But they can actually go well together if the appropriate shades are picked. A calm purple and a vivid red complement each other perfectly, making this combination less intimidating.

If you’re still unsure about this combination, you may start experimenting by adding little touches of red to the room to highlight the purple aspect or vice versa, similar to the image below. From there, you can go in any direction you like.

3. Purple and Gray Bedroom Wall Color


Gray and purple can go nicely together, although both are associated with gloom. The secret is that you choose to utilize a warm-base gray color. This will lessen the amount of intensity that purple emits.

Many people believe that a cold gray tint looks best in a purple atmosphere, however, doing so will only result in a lifeless and unpleasant space. Pairing warm gray or another neutral color with purple will yield the best results.


While many colors work with purple, certain combinations are more challenging than others. Avoid using colors that compete with one another; the best wall color schemes and room decors to pair are colors that enhance rather than overpower.

So, the finest trick for picking whatever color you want at random from the color wheel is to consider the shade. Any purple two colour combination for bedroom walls is fine when the appropriate shade of the color is taken into consideration as the color harmony of colors is influenced heavily by their shade.

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