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What Color House Goes With a Metal Roof? – 5 Best Colors

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what color house goes with a metal roof

A house color with a metal roof is an aesthetic piece of art that is visually appealing. This aesthetic appeal entices homeowners to intentionally renovate their houses and roofs or buy houses with metal roofs installed.

But, what color house goes with a metal roof? Depending on the metal roof’s color, quite a few colors blend with it. Some of these are the white house, yellow house, blue house, and the modern black house.

Read on and learn more about aesthetic house colors with metal roofs with pictures for your reference:

What House Color Goes with Metal Roofs


Houses represent who the owner is and their personality and stature. Therefore, if you have a unique metal roof, choosing suitable house color combinations is necessary.

Thus, every detail must complement the others, from its sidings and trims colors to its roofs.

Check the list below and check which combination of metal roofs for house colors suits your taste.

1. Red Metal Roofs


Whether it is a red metal roof, a silver metal roof, or a blue one, the color white will always be a safe yet sophisticated choice. The versatility of this color works wonders and makes your house look aesthetically pleasing.

The classic white house color makes your home or white farmhouse look clean, harmonious, and ageless. Moreover, your white house sidings are a perfect canvas for designs and decorations.

You won’t have trouble working on it since white blends well with any color wheel color. Since light colors are known to reflect heat, your house will be colder, especially during summer days.

The only disadvantage with a white house is that you need to maintain it regularly.

2. Grey Metal Roof


Grey metal roof house color combinations are a bit complex and delicate at the same time.

A white house with a gray metal roof often looks like a house for minimalist professionals. The place seems mysterious yet elegant.

However, other colors work perfectly with grey metal roofs too.

  • A grey house and grey metal group blend together for a modern vibe.
  • Pastel creamy yellow is also recommended for dark grey metal roofs, as it makes a great beach house and cottage house exterior.
  • A blue house with a grey metal roof is also a popular choice. Be careful picking the grey and blue color, though, as its darker shade overpowers the color grey. Choose light blue and not navy blue or dark blue.

If you prefer a darker shade, you may try a navy blue house with a copper roof.

The key to a pleasing-looking house is that the colors of your walls, sidings, trim, and metal roof must complement each other. You must pair a darker color with a lighter color instead of bringing together two dark shades.

3. Brown Metal Roof


Brown is a tricky color and not a typical metal roof usually associated with red brick houses. But what most of you don’t know is that, like other colors, a house with a brown metal roof can pull up a dramatic, laid-back vibe or make your house look modern.

Some colors that can beautifully blend with your brown metal roof are:

  • yellow
  • cream
  • beige
  • wood
  • grey

Of all the colors in the list, brown is something that you need to work with color palettes since brown can pull off neutral, dark, and lighter colors. The only problem is that there are only specific colors that match brown.

4. Green Metal Roof


Houses with colors that balance with a green metal roof have the neighborhood’s most inviting and relaxing vibe, as green symbolizes nature and progress. The metal roof stands out without compromising your house’s design, style, and look.

Green metal roof works with white, yellow, stone, and taupe. With most people prefer the latter with white trims. They look good with the plants outside your house. However, it might not look good if you are in the city area and your place doesn’t have any lawn at all.

5. Black Metal Roof


Most bachelors love the color black in their house. Some paint their rooms solid black, others make it an accent, and some are bold enough to choose a black metal roof that blends well with light-colored walls, trims, and sidings.

However, you might see black metal roofs paired with the following:

  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • And blue

Yet, the white house with a black roof always stands out.

Metal Roofs Advantages and Disadvantages


Aside from its aesthetics that give your house a specific vibe, metal roofs also have additional advantages and disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

1. Metal Roofs Advantages

  • Helps lower your electric bill

Metal roofs today reflect the sun’s heat, protecting your house’s interior from the sun’s scorching heat and saving you more on energy costs.

  • Durable

Metal roofs are designed to last for more than a decade. Some reports even say that it may last 50 years to 70 years plus as they can resist rust and corrosion unless there are category five hurricanes that may wipe out your house.

  • Prevent condensation risk

Condensation risk usually happens if your house is too humid that the water droplets become visible. If your roof is prone to condensation risk, your house’s insulation may not work or at least reduce its effects, damaging your roof.

  • Metal roofs increase your home’s value.

Climate change has affected the weather condition a lot. Today’s inclement weather condition is why most houses have metal roofs that can withstand extreme weather conditions, moisture, and UV exposure, to name a few.

Due to this reason, real estate agents find any home with metal roofs valuable with a more significant return on investment. Additionally, most metal roofs today are already fire-rated, which makes it a win-win situation for you whether you decide to sell your house or not.

2. Metal Roofs Disadvantages


  • Metal roofs are expensive.

Because metal roofs are designed to withstand strong winds, rain, snow, and hail, buying them may cost you more than standard roof materials.

  • Screws are prone to dislodge.

The quality of the screws and fasteners also matters when installing metal roofs. Ensure that your roofers use the top-notched screws only and that they are not improperly installing the metal roofing screws and fasteners.

  • Most metal roofs are not soundproof.

Imagine water splashing or heavily dropping onto a tin sheet, and that’s more likely what you will hear as heavy rains fall swiftly into your metal roof.

To at least lessen the noise, check if there are soundproof metal-proof suppliers in your area and ensure that your metal roofs are well-coated.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does a metal roof devalue a house?

No. The metal roofs’ features and benefits help your house increase its value instead. Many go with a red metal roof that proves to be a long-lasting feature that never goes out of style.

What is the most energy-efficient color for a metal roof?

Light-colored metal roofs are energy savers. They are more efficient in reflecting the sun’s heat than dark-colored metal roofs. With proper coating and attic insulation, your energy costs will surely decrease.

Besides, light-color metal also allows easy pairing with most exterior house colors.

What is the most commonly used metal roof system for homes?

The most efficient metal roof systems you can install for your homes are standing seam metal roofs.

They are designed to adjust or move freely when the thermal heat expands the metal roof.

Moreover, the standing seam’s materials are durable and can last a couple of years without needing heavy maintenance.

What are metal roofs made of?

Metal roofs use materials such as tiles, panels, or metals – copper, aluminum, zinc, and steel.

Each metal has its advantages and disadvantages, but they all have a common denominator, durability.

Steel-made metal roofs are commonly used in most commercial and residential buildings in the city, and aluminum for those in the bay area due to its ability to resist salt corrosion.


Now you already know what color house goes with a metal roof.

There are many color combinations that you can choose from to find what house color goes with metal roofs. Don’t be afraid if the color you pick is not as standard as what’s on the list, as it will still work. Just make sure that the color smoothly blends.

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