What Length Curtain for 8 Foot Ceilings? – Sizing Guide

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what length curtain for 8 foot ceilings

8-foot ceilings were once the commonly used or standard ceiling for homeowners. If your house has an 8 ft ceiling height, decorating it with curtains will help bring the vibe you want to your home.

84 inches to 91 inches is usually how long curtains should be for an 8-foot ceiling. It is proportionate to the ceiling height and just the right length for the general rule.

For more helpful information on what length curtain for 8 foot ceilings, read and know all about it below.

The Ideal Curtain Length for 8-foot Ceilings


Choosing the ideal curtain length for 8ft ceilings may differ depending on what kind of look you are achieving for your home. It may also depend on your window size (height and length) because knowing this is also important for curtains.

There are quite a few options you can look at, which I will be providing. So, here are some of the length of curtains for the 8 foot ceiling.

1. Standard Curtains


Standard curtains are the ones that are already made in a typical size or length. This curtain might be it if you want a simple look at your house—less hassle finding and arranging curtains.

Because an 8ft ceiling is now considered an average ceiling, the minimum standard length is 84 inches. But you can also use other longer standard sizes for different signs, like the puddled curtain look.

2. Customized Curtains


It is advisable to choose custom curtains if you have more budget and want a specific decoration vibe and idea for your room.

An example is a 91-inch curtain which is just a proportion length for an 8-foot ceiling and excluded from the standard curtain length of 81 inches, 94 inches, and 108 inches.

How to Hang Curtain for 8 Foot Ceilings

Since we know what kind of curtains we can use, we will figure out how high you should hang your 8 ft ceiling curtain length.

There might be other options in hanging curtains with low ceilings or for a standard 8-foot ceiling, but in today’s modern design, homeowners aren’t fond of average ceiling height.

So, the best option is 1-3 inches below the ceiling, making it seem like the room and ceiling are taller than they originally were.

Having a house with a low ceiling, the only choice is to rely on ceiling and window treatment if you don’t want to do a house renovation. So, here are many ways to make your ceiling look taller.

Different Ways to Work With Low and Average Ceiling Heights


  • Use curtains up-to-ceiling


Full-length and up-to-ceiling curtains can maximize the space from floor to ceiling, making it grander and taller. Up-to-ceiling curtains are best to use in bedrooms or living rooms.

  • Install crown molding


Even though installing crown molding in low to average ceilings is not agreeable to some homeowners, this can still help you bring out the best in your ceiling.

With the correct measurement (4.5 to 6.5 inches diagonally) and the proper color match between your wall and crown molding, there will be a big difference in the outcome.

  • Install hanging lights


In installing, you need to consider the fixture, height, scale, and width of the area where you will install the lights.

Installing hanging lights can be tricky with these types of ceilings. Since you also need space to turn it, choose a place where you don’t walk under it, like at the top of a kitchen counter, dining table, or coffee table.

Tips for Design and Size Curtain for 8 Foot Ceilings

Since 8-foot ceilings are unusual in today’s modern design, these are essential things to consider before choosing and setting up the perfect curtain for your ceiling and home.

  • Window size will help you determine and decide what curtain size you will choose.
  • Color – you need to be knowledgeable about this since it is crucial to match or complement every piece of furniture or other things in the room.
  • Pattern – if you want to achieve something outgoing and unique for your room atmosphere, you can pick a print that will suit you and your room.
  • Material/Fabric – this is relative to the overall design and impact it gives off to the room.
  • Balance – it is also essential to keep everything accordingly and proportionate from the floor to the curtains up to ceiling. So nothing sticks out and becomes sore to the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is an 8-foot ceiling considered a low ceiling?

Some consider it low, some average. It is because, today, in modern society, the standard ceiling height is 9 feet. It has become outdated, and some people are not used to it anymore.

Does an 8-foot ceiling still have an advantage nowadays?

Yes. There are still some advantages to an 8-foot ceiling like:

  • Lower Heating Cost
  • Boost Productivity
  • Decorating is much easier
  • Help emphasize the high ceiling part of the house

How many inches is an 8ft ceiling?

According to the conversion of feet to inches, an 8-foot ceiling, when converted to inches, is 96 inches.

How to measure for curtains?

When measuring curtains, you first measure the size of the window where you will install your curtain. After that, you move on to the curtains – measure their height (vertical) and width (horizontal).

Where do you hang a curtain rod for an 8-foot ceiling?

In installing curtain rods for an 8–foot ceiling, the rule of thumb or safe way to do it is to hang it 6 inches above the window frame. This way, the space is right between the ceiling and the window frame.

How do you hang curtains with different ceiling heights?

There can be instances that there are some parts of your house with different ceiling and window heights, and figuring out how to hang your curtain must be tough. The best option here is to keep the curtain as identical as possible – with the material and design.

You can make an optical illusion by having the floor up-to-ceiling curtain length to make it look like they’re the same ceiling or window height.

How to choose 8ft wide curtains?

Expansive windows need treatments for both privacy and interior design. There are quite a few options to choose from for your wide windows at home.

  • Combining different kinds of curtains like the following;
  • Sheers and drapes
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Mix and match color curtains
  • Layering Curtains
  • Layering curtains give off an elegant aura and a variety of styles.
  • Extending curtain rod (end-to-end)
  • Extending the curtain rod from end to end won’t make the window look awkward.

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When it comes to your home, there are many things before deciding on some items. In the end, you alone get to decide on the overall look of your house. But eventually, you’ll need some inspiration and ideas.

So, I hope with this information, tips, and guidelines, this article indeed helped you find out what length curtain for 8 foot ceilings is the one for you and your ceiling.

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