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81.WAW.PL | Propeller house

Concept & Competition 81.WAW.PL | Propeller house

81.WAW.PL | Propeller houseModern buildings are becoming more and more popular in Poland. Original architectural solutions are usually being used not only for projecting malls and office buildings, but also to design family houses. According to this, we can see more and more projects of extraordinary shaped houses. Great example of such attitude is a “propeller house”, designed by 81.WAW.PL – architectural studio from Warsaw.

81.WAW.PL | Propeller houseArchitects wanted to design a house in a plan of a square. However, to illuminate central part of the interior they have decided to place a triangle indentation in each corner.- At the end of each indentation we have placed windows to light up bathrooms and technical rooms – says Rafał Grudziąż from 81.WAW.PL studio. Thanks to this we have obtained an intended shape. Floor plan of the house looks like a propeller- adds Rafał Grudziąż. The building is divided into four independent parts placed in a propeller. Another, central part of the house is adhered to the rest. Such a solution was very helpful in functional room location and to separate bedrooms from a living area.

81.WAW.PL | Propeller houseThe project assumes that in one part of the propeller there are a garage and a main entrance.  – Separation the garage under a roofing let us arbitrarily arrange the rest of the building – describes Anna Paszkowska, architect from 81.WAW.PL, co-author of the project. The second part of the propeller is occupied by two bedrooms for children with a shared bathroom. Third part is parents’ bedroom with a separated bathroom and a dressing room.

81.WAW.PL | Propeller houseFourth part is a living area with a spacious living room and a kitchen. In the central part is another big dressing room and bathroom for guest are placed. All rooms are planned to be bright and spacious. – Thanks to great windows rooms are well lighted and a direct access to a garden is possible – adds Anna Paszkowska.  From the outside the block of the building is covered with white boards. In the place of indentations the same kind of boards were used but in black.

Location: Poland
Architect: 81.WAW.PL
Project name: Propeller house

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