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A2OFFICE | Casa Alpendre

Concept & Competition A2OFFICE | Casa Alpendre

A2OFFICE | Casa AlpendreThe project was initially developed to a national competition in 2006. It captured the attention of a private client in 2011 while visiting A2OFFICE’s studio. The idea that dominated the development of the project was taking to the limit the introduction of a porch in the house: the house would be dominated by the porch, it would be a “porch house (casa alpendre)”.

A2OFFICE | Casa AlpendreUnlike Le Corbusier´s machine for living in, this house is not “moving” on pilotis. It relies instead on a ground base that defines exactly where the roof structure is implanted. Roof structure and ground base form a united piece. As a greek stoa it has an open colonnade, but here the meeting is familiar.

A2OFFICE | Casa Alpendre

A2OFFICE | Casa AlpendreCasa Alpendre was conceptually developed in 3 stages: the Stage A corresponds to the humanization of a piece of land, creating the ground base, and consequently a stopover. The Stage b) aimed to create a cover protecting the ground base from the sun and rain, leading to a meeting point. The Stage c) attempted to create a protection from the wind, cold and heat, transforming the meeting point in a place to stay, a shelter…a house.

A2OFFICE | Casa Alpendre

A2OFFICE | Casa AlpendreThe four glass plans were implanted behind the exterior concrete colonnade that forms a peripheral porch that creates shading on the glass surfaces in summer and allows the sun light to enter in winter.

Location: Peniche, Portugal
Architect: A2OFFICE
Project name: Casa Alpendre
Project Manager Architect: Alberto Dias Ribeiro
Collaborator in 3D images: Jorge Brandão
Image editor: Alexandra Marques
Client: Private
Project area: 270 m2


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