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BudCud | Tilescape

Interiors BudCud | Tilescape

BudCud | TilescapePerspective is used for building the image depth, performing 3-dimensional space onto a flat surface of the painting. In house of Siricius in Pompeii optical tricks with perspective built narration of additional chambers, created the notion of infinite ‘dream’ space. ‘Tilescape’ gave a second chance to the past technique. Playing with optics is another kind of architecture – it’s a retroactive utopia. The one built inside the observer‘s eye. Less real, but more subjective. Our design proposal follows the theme of optical distortions of defined space.

BudCud | Tilescape

BudCud | TilescapeA spa is a space of relax. It provides an experience parallel to mundane activities, that we do on a daily basis. The spacial atmosphere inside spa is also different- more eerie, even occult. That is why we decided to distort spacial definition of a spa- dissolving it into ‚liquid‘ environment rather than building restrained cube. It’s like being in a dream, someone would say. Not only tricks of perspective cheat the eye.

BudCud | TilescapeAlso a specific usage of color gradients can distort the regular proportion of a spa room, putting the visitor into more abstract space. The gradient made of tiles creates ambiental landscapes in a room. Composition of fades and brights squeezes, tweaks and bloats a regular room, making it a completely new, uncategorized space. The light in the spa mock-up is provided by the spotlight and is focused on the brightest strip of the wall – horizontal white row. The white strip seems to glow. Just above the white tiles small orifices push the vapour to the room, making it moist and creating a rainbow, when looking from a certain angle. Spa space becomes very subjective, different for every visitor.

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Designer: BudCud
Year: 2012
Client: Deutsche Steinzeug Agrob Buchtal
Program: spa
Area: 25 m2
Status: competition, first prize, realization 2012
Team budcud: Mateusz Adamczyk, Agata Woźniczka

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