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C. F. Møller Architects | Tango Towers

Concept & Competition C. F. Møller Architects | Tango Towers

C. F. Møller Architects | Tango Towers

The symbolism has been drawn from the world of dance in the lines of the two 70-metre tall towers to be built in connection with Holstebro Town Hall. The development, which encompasses a split tower block of up to 20 storeys and 70 metres in height, will provide room for approximately 9,000 m² of offices and apartments, of which Holstebro Municipality will use approximately 2,500 m² as an extension of the town hall. The complex is aimed to become a new landmark of the city. It also provides the opportunity to draw together public service functions in one central location, and further provide spaces for added uses such as a health clinic, offices and new quality housing units.C. F. Møller Architects | Tango TowersThe working title of the development is Tango Towers, as the architecture is reminiscent of a dancing couple. The complex forms a sculptural shape with two slender towers, and the expression and mutual relationship of the towers will change continually as you walk around the complex – or view them from a distance as part of the town’s new profile. The shape of the complex is the result of the manipulation of a single ’strip’ of building volume, which runs horizontally around the site perimeter, doubling up at both ends to become the towers, and at one point folding upwards to create a covered main access.

C. F. Møller Architects | Tango TowersThe two towers are linked by a glazed, set back vertical core, which gives access to the different levels. They are in fact one building, though they appear as two, which makes for a much more slender and vertical appearance. The facades are clad in light coloured panels, as part of the continuity and elegant understatement of the exterior. As part of the artistic treatment of the building’s appearance, the interior facades of the gap between the towers are highlighted by a stronger colour scheme. Holstebro is well known for its art in the public space – including urban spaces, town hall, school buildings etc. As a result, the project continues this tradition of integrating art and architecture.

Location:  Holstebro, Denmark
Architect: C. F. Møller Architects
Client: Holstebro Municipality & Nordicom Properties
Landscape architect: C. F. Møller Architects
Engineers:  Søren Jensen engineers a/s
Size: 9.000 m²
Year: 2007
Awards: 1st Prize in architectural competition



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