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10 Beach Houses with Spectacular Views

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Summer is here and I bet that you, now more than ever, would like to wake up every day on the beach.

Well, some people around the world actually do that!

The owners of these beach houses are really lucky! These exceptional residences have spectular views in the evening and even in the morning.

Just imagine lying on the beach and in the same time you are in your own home! How would you feel waking up every day with the sparkling sea in front of your eyes?

Let’s take a couple of minutes and see life through these people’s eyes!

1. Vértice Arquitectos – Beach house E-3

Vértice Arquitectos - Beach house E-3The project develops on an irregular shaped terrain inside a difficult area, but with a privileged view to the sea in the lot E-3 from “Palillos” beach, at the south of Lima. Taking advantage of the lot slope, the project is propose as a volume set worked with different materials and textures in three levels that work together as a unit, obtaining several space relations between the interior and the outside. Without forgetting the most important requests asked by the client: the sea view must be from the most of the rooms, the more important space will be the social area, and finally independence and tranquility from the private area. [Read more]


2. Elías Rizo Arquitectos – Casa La Punta

IMG_6033_4_5-640x426Located in Punta Mita, in the Riviera Nayarit area of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, the project is a beach retreat for an unconventional couple. The brief required the design to move away from the stereotypical regionalistic style of Mexican beachhouses, instead reflecting the unique lifestyle of its future dwellers. Both owners were an active part of the desing process, she, a designer, with her immense talent put her stamp on furniture and interior design; and him, a sculptor, gives shape to ideas with his technical creativity. [Read more]

3. Javier Artadi Arquitecto – Beach House in Las Palmeras

037SOFT-mas-azul-640x425This house, located in Las Palmeras beach, seventy five miles south of Lima, is built on land in front of an earth and sand hill and parallel to the coastline. The project organizes the program into three levels: the first contains all the service areas, garages and guest bedrooms, the second contains the main bedrooms and the third boasts the social areas (kitchen, living room, terrace and pool ). [Read more]

4. Rolf Ockert Design – Bronte House

ROD-bronte-House-10The client approached us to create house of their dreams on a site perched high over the Pacific Ocean, a home that was to make them feel like being on holiday every day. While the view was fantastic the site was very small and suffocated by overbearing neighbouring dwellings. The finished house, though, feels generous and as if it is alone with the ocean and the sky.  Being tightly restricted by site conditions there were only two avenues we could take to create generosity of space and location:  Firstly the surprising height of the living room space that takes advantage of the only extravagant spatial dimension available to us. [Read more]

5. Javier Artadi Arquitecto – Beach house on a hill

AAV8614The project consists of a beach house located on a hill overlooking the sea, 60 miles south of Lima. Conceptually, the house includes a large vertical pedestal on which two parallel planes rest that contains the large social area. At the top of the pedestal and on its top edge, a strip of water has been designed with the idea of strengthening the feeling of weightlessness of the two horizontal cantilever planes, now they are not only projected towards the open space but also the water. [Read more]

6. Antoni Associates – Clifton Beach

CliftonBeach_1_Ext_001_OutdoorTerrace_004_alAntoni Associates, the Interior Design and Décor division of the iconic architectural firm SAOTA, latest project combines elegance, luxury and sophistication in a beach front property located along one of the pristine white beaches of Cape Town. [Read more]

7. SJB Interiors – The Pacific Apartments

CGI-13a-Apt-506-Terrace-FINAL-CMYK-640x956With 74 of its 76 available apartments sold within hours on the first day of sale, the Pacific Bondi Beach development has indicated continued confidence in the Sydney property market in spite of broader market trends. In a first for Pacific’s property buyers and investors, the development, on the site of Sydney’s famous Swiss Grand in Bondi, offers a choice of interiors schemes by three local designers. Australian design studio SJB Interiors have worked alongside fellow designers George Freedman and Koichi Takada on the project that will see the beachside block transformed into a new residential, retail and dining precinct by the end of 2013. [Read more]

8. Metropolis – Beach House in La Jolla

MG_4786The Project is located in the First Row of a plot right beside a Crystal Lagoon artificial lagoon, in La Jolla, in Lima, in a 300.00m2 terrain.
The proposal contemplates the development of a beach residence with two floors plus a basement. [Read more]

9. Seijo Peon Arquitectos y Asociados – OB Houses

Conjunto-OB_15-640x426The clients, a couple with four daughters, wished to have a beach house for all of them, in a 23 meter beach-front lot. Their original idea was to have a seafront main house and three adjoining bungalows in the back, so in this approach, only the main house would have frontal views to the ocean, and the bungalows wouldn’t. This is especially important taking in regard that even if today no next-door neighbors have built their beach houses, it could happen in any time in the near future. [Read more]

10. Javier Artadi Arquitecto – Beach House in Las Arenas

TERRACE-SUNSET-640x509The project consists of a small house on a beach a hundred miles south of Lima and explores the expansion of the conventional uses of a beach house.  To that end, a container box has been created, a space that integrates the living-dining room and terrace with pool, within which various elements have been designed (conventional and unconventional furniture) that offer multiple use options. [Read more]

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