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“Palm Bellagio” is designed to create an iconic identity to the city, not just another residential complex with large stacks of apartments but an image which will change the city’s skyline forever.

cam4 copy copyThis complex will be a unique and proud addition to the city where engineering abilities and a new architectural vocabulary come together to produce the cities most sought after residential address.

The entire project is designed as a wave, embodying the free flowing nature of water.

cam2The Stilt + 8 towers are so arranged on the master plan so as to create a flow of open spaces right from one end of the site to the other end of the site, connected by landscape spaces and water bodies at podium and terrace level.

The landscaped podium and terrace in this project are the focal points and act as a fulcrum attracting all the residents of the towers to it.

Cam_03.poolsideThe club house is located on the terrace adjacent to an infinity pool.

The buildings have a wave like appearance with its bands which give a curvilinear transgression to the entire façade. The waves are flowing in and out of the building without any sharp deviations or obstructions to the visual balance of the façade.

POOL CAM copyThe buildings are planned to have a mix of 21/2bhk, 31/2bhk, 3hk and 4bhk simplex and 4bhk duplex apartments. The apartments are well ventilated and have enough light all throughout the day, thus reducing the need for artificial lights. All the rooms face the garden or outdoors giving the residents beautiful views of the landscape below and around.

The layouts of the apartments have minimum areas lost in useless internal passages and the benefits can be seen in the sizes of the habitable rooms. All the rooms have well designed furniture layouts.

cam3_revised copyThe buildings have double height decks at different intervals within the façade of the buildings creating a break in the otherwise large mass and give visual relief to the curvilinear façade.

The landscaped terrace create interesting recreational sky garden at the top which also become the focal point of vehicle free recreation and interaction zones for the users.

The large central open podium and terrace garden forms the spine connecting all the wings together. It houses all the outdoor recreational facilities and play areas.

Upper FloorThe entire project is designed as not just another residential building complex but an intelligent response to modern day living and its expectations of comfort and affordability.

The building is designed to be a housing complex set in the heart of city with ample spaces for outdoor activities and recreation. All norms of modern green building concepts along with traditional building modules of channelizing air currents and cross ventilation have been incorporated to create a modern day iconic master piece “Palm Bellagio”.

Arial Veiw 01

Location: Raipur, India
Architect: Acube Architects
Flat Statistics:
4 BHK flats=(22*7)+13=167
3 BHK flats=(24*7)+14=182
2(1/2) BHk flats=10
3(1/2) bhk flats=9
4BHK duplex apartments=32
Total flats=368 +32=400
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