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altreforme | ENI Trophy – F1

Objects altreforme | TROFEO Formula1

 altreforme | TROFEO Formula1 altreforme, the Fontana Group design company devoted to aluminium shaping in the furniture and architectural field, has achieved another goal that brought to the F1 podium. At the award ceremony of the last Grand Prix in Hungary the prestigious ENI Trophy produced by altreforme has been presented to the three Grand Prix winners’ and to the winning constructor. The 2012 edition of the prize is designed by the designer Antonio Pio Saracino for Eni and produced by altreforme with techniques entirely issued from the automotive production, since the material used: the aluminium.

All the materials and processes used during the award production are the same used to give shape to some of the most beautiful cars in the world and to sophisticated and high quality furnishings. The prize design recalls the silhouette of the famous logo Eni thanks to the Fontana Group’s expertise in aluminium shaping, who has followed and developed the prize implementation from engineering to realization stage. The skills and know-how of the Fontana Group team has created a unique product, extremely challenging and sinuous made entirely of aluminium.

A thin aluminium sheet obtained by laser cutting gain sinuous shapes thanks to a hand- hammer techniques with the purpose to evoke the dynamism of the Formula 1 world. Each award was painted with special shades of colours belonging to the automotive world. The Eni prize has been made in three heights corresponding to the type of award: 45 cm for the first prize, 42 cm the second prize and 39 cm for the third and the winning constructor. An important milestone that underlines the winning synergy developed by altreforme between handmade production skills and cutting edge technology used in the automotive industry.

“I’m proud that altreforme has been selected to make this prestigious prize that will bring us great visibility around the world” says Valentina Fontana, “is a recognition reserved for those who do not fear the challenges and are willing to take risks to achieve many important goals worldwide. This is the same ambitious strategy that we daily pursue in altreforme and Fontana Group. ”

altreforme’s distinctive feature is the ability to enhance the purest technology and technical expertise to create highly innovative shapes and finishes; its sophisticated style, the quality of details and the emotion of colours become symbols of this young company with solid manufacturing roots, that once more it is awarded with a recognition “on the winners podium”.

Designer: Antonio Pio Saracino for Eni 
Producer: altreforme



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