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Altius Architecture Inc.

Altius Architecture Inc, is a full service architecture, construction management, and interior design firm that is based in Ontario, Canada. Buildings and structures constructed by the Altius Architecture Inc. focus on sustainability. Exceptional building structures and designs with a complete and holistic approach to designing is what Altius presents to its clients.

The team of professionals in Altius Architecture comprises consultants, architects, engineers, and constructors. The architectural designing firm is known for high levels of precision and control over every aspect of a designing and development project. Every structure built by the Altius seems to harmonize nature with architecture. Thoughtful interiors and innovative functionality are two things that the firm boasts on.

CONTACT Altius Architecture Inc
Website: http://altius.net/
Address: 109 Atlantic Ave. Suite 201Toronto, Ontario M6K 1X4, Canada
Phone: + 1 (416) 516-7772

Projects by Altius Architecture Inc.

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