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Form Us With Love

If you like clear, conceptual, and minimalist approach of things, Form Us With Love is the studio you can look up to. It is a Swedish design studio based in Stockholm formed by the designer trio John Lofgren, Jonas Pettersson, and Petrus Palmer. The designs by this studio come along with a tone of humor added to a modernist approach. The spacious, internationally acclaimed studio works towards positioning and sustaining future brands with its unique and amazing designs on objects.

Form Us With Love is the design studio that challenges the conventional. It works in collaboration with clients that include reputable names like Muuto, Absolut, Ikea, and La Cividina.

CONTACT Form Us With Love

Website: http://www.formuswithlove.se/
Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 106, 113 31 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8 218 002

Projects by Form Us With Love

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