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Studio Kalamar

Founded by architect Andrej Kalamar in the year 2003, the architectural and design firm is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The firm mainly focuses on the designing and structural renovations of public and office buildings. However, Studio Kalamar has successfully worked on projects ranging from interior to furniture designing and complex urban plans.

Projects of Studio Kalamar have been published on popular publications like ANP (Architecture News Plus). For the architecture firm, each new project is a challenge that mixes technical innovation and functionality well. In the works of Studio Kalamar Environmental awareness plays a pivotal role. The studio uses latest technology in every step – from conceptualization to final outcomes.

Contact Studio Kalamar

Website: http://www.kalamar.si/
Address: Studio Kalamar d.o.o., Slovenska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 2410 470

Projects by Studio Kalamar

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