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BIFE-SIM: A show of shapes and ideas!

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vizual BifeSim ENGRomania, one of the most successful furniture exporters worldwide, invites you to BIFE –SIM 2013, the international trade fair for furniture, equipment and accessories – a unique event resulted from the merging of two most important fairs in the furniture industry in Romania – BIFE and SIM! The fair is organized by Romexpo and co-organized by Romanian Furniture Manufacturers Association – APMR, Romanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Euroexpo and will be held between the 17th and 21st of September, at Romexpo Exhibition Centre.

BIFE-SIM 2013 is held on an area of approximately 30.000 square meters and will be divided as follows: Classic, Design, Comfort, Kitchen, Accessories and materials, Equipment and machinery.

Thousands of models, countless solutions!
BIFE-SIM represents the inspiration given by an unprecedented show of shapes and ideas. It is the place where everyone’s dream house becomes reality, where all the visitors can find surprising solutions for every space and different styles of furniture design. It is also the place where everything it’s shown in another perspective, where the old merges with the new, the traditional with the modern, the place where you are free to make any choice you want for your home. In other words, BIFE-SIM presents surprising and innovative styles, practical concepts transposed in furniture objects and technologies that revolutionise the living space.

Are you interested in exhibiting?
BIFE-SIM will offer the distributors, importers and contractors of furniture, accessories or wood processing equipment the opportunity to attract new clients and to strengthen connections with the existing ones. Here are few of the reasons why you should participate at this fair:
• you are face to face with about 25.000 visitors (mass-market visitors and specialists);
• you can initiate important deals: your potential clients are attracted through a targeted PR and advertising campaign and most of them come to the exhibition having the clear purpose to buy;
• you benefit of a “tri-dimensional” field, which allows you to increase the company’s awareness;
• you can get closer to your client needs and expectations by a direct contact;
• you launch your newest products or services in a spectacular way;
• you meet and develop relationships with important buyers and, why not, with the final consumer;
• you can expand market research activities, much more detailed than in other time of year.

The only furniture fair from Romania, BIFE-SIM is the unique platform that allows you to combine successfully the sales activity with product demos and socializing. The faster you sign-up, the faster you enter the circle of companies that will benefit from maximum exposure at the event. Set how much you want to invest in this attendance, without forgetting to turn your booth into a real attraction for visitors.


At BIFE-SIM you will have the opportunity to find solutions you have never thought about for developing your company as well as for finding answers to any matters that you face. Equipment and accessories distributors and importers will be present at our international furniture fair to help you take a step forward in your business. They will show you the newest wood processing technologies and they will make you proposals that will surely meet your budget. Take advantage of the free access to the show and you will get the best equipment as well as the most inspired business ideas! For more information, go to www.bife-sim.ro

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Date: September 17, 2013 – September 21, 2013
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