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DNA Barcelona Architects | Punta Brava Residence IV


Nature transformed into architecture

Punto Brava IV is a house that blends seamlessly with its surroundings. The nearby Mediterranean sea is the source of inspiration. The sinusoidal, undulating movements of the waves are translated architecturally into sinusoidal forms and curves in the house. These organic forms also serve the additional purpose of allowing the house to negotiate with a challenging topography.


DNA_PBIV_EXTERIOR DAY BOAT HOUSEArchitectural concept of the Villa is based on the idea of the cruise liner with its along at edand rounded forms, huge pipes, well defined floor structure imitating the decks. Facade is made of special fiberglass that is used for manufacturing the bodies of the cruise yacht sand is covered by multilayer paint produced by DUPON. The paint is varnished and has reflective surface that changes colour depending on the lighting during the day.



DNA_PBIV_ENTRANCEVilla totals 2500 square metres split in fourlevels. The plot totals 0,38 ga.

LEVEL ONE (entrancelevel)

This is the top part of the plot and of the villa itself. In reality it is the roof of the Villa. On this level you see:

– main drive-in with automaticmetal gates
– parking for two cars with glass roof and granite floors (38 square metres)
– entrance to the plot with automatic doors, stairs and huge terrace overerd with natural teka wood (120 square metres)

DNA_PBIV_PATIO BACK NIGHT- entrance to theVilla in the form of a glass cube that immitates a deck house with metal and steel beams. The automàtic glass door divides thecube into two parts – 10 square metres entrace area and 50 square meter entrance hall with panoràmic lift and main stairs made of glass and steel beams. The walls along the stairs are covered by blocs of coloured glass. The area is lighted by a espectacular chandelier made of multiple glass balls hanging on steel ropes.

LEVEL TWO ( bedrooms level)

– Master suite: entrance hall, bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, two separate bathrooms, jacuzzi, shower with aroma and chromotherapy, cosmetictable, and panic room
– Four smaller suites facing these a with bedrooms (35 square metres), bathrooms (10 square metres), separate showers (1, 5 square metres each), toilettes (2,5 square metres), walk-in wardrobe sand terrases (10 square metres)

DNA_PBIV_ROOM- Another suite facing the patio with bedroom (40 square metres), bathroom (10 square metres), separate showers (1,5 square metres), toilettes (2,5 square metres), walk-in wardrobe (5 square metres)
– Panoràmic gallery with coloured glass wall slighted from inside


– Main sitting area (230 saquare metres) with four meter long gas fireplace, biult-in library shelves, two guest toilettes
– Dining room (100 square metres)
– Chiill out bar (100 square metres)

DNA_PBIV_STAIR LIGHTS- “Iphone”style kitchen (40 square metres) with last generation MIELE equipment
– Barbecue area (300 square metres) with built-in furniture and equipment. Natural teka wood floors.

DNA_PBIV_DOMOTIC- Spactecular patio (200 square metres) with tropical garden, waterfall, stone walls, artístic lighting, two sit-down areas with wooden floors
– Natural teka wood terrace (300 square metres), sun deck, 20 meter long swimming pool with transparent bottom and automatic water purifying system
– Swimming pool changing area with shower sand toilettes (30 square metres)


Bottom area of the Villa made of the following rooms

– Huge hall (300 square metres)with 5 meterhighcielingsanddouble natural light
– Two guest toilets
– vine cellar with climate control (1500 botteles, 20 square metres)

DNA_PBIV_PARTY2- 3D home cinema with 5X3 screen and Sound system (40 square metres)
– SPA (250 square metres) with climate control, 12X3 m inner heated pool, cascades, waterfall. The SPA area is equipped with KLAFS sauna, turkish bath, four showers, changing area, toilettes, ice-making machine. Walls, floors and cieling are decorated with Bizazza mosaique. Thecieling of the SPA simalteneously works as a glass bottom of the outer swimming-pool.
– Fitness area
– Service area (200 square merters)with two bedroom siutes for service personnel, laundry and ironing area
– Two installations control rooms (40 square metres)


– Tennis court (500 square metres)
– Garage for 12 cars (250 square metres)

DNA_PBIV_SPA- Installatons control room (100 sqare metres)
– Cascade garden with automatic watering system

DNA_PBIV_POOL NIGHTTheVilla is equipped with:

– central water system with the 10,000 liter drinking water deposit
– water well that can provide 10,000 liters per hourwith 30,000 liter deposit and its own pump station
– central electricity (150kWt) with automaticallyfunctioning independent CATERPILLER diesel generator (52kWt)
– central heating built into the floors with automàtic VISSMAN depòsit (3,000 liters)
– central conditioning and ventilation (DAYKIN) with interdependent zoning for each separat earea
– central built-in water vacuum cleaner to be operated separately in eachroom
– automatic calc eliminating system
– central built-in SONOS audio system with internet radio and 500Gb harddisk
– DAYKIN hydrating and dehydrating systems

DNA_PBIV_LIVING- sixsatellite TV antennae (independent programmewatching)
– last generation WISSMAN sunbatteriesprovidingtheVillawithhotwater, heating, andheating of theinnerswimming pool
– parking ventilation when the car engine is on
– glas sdoors of the terrasses are automàtic and can be opearateddistantly
– shadesare automàtic andareoperateddistantly
– all windowglass is vàndal proof
– WI-FI system all over theVilla, theterracesandthegardenwithcategory 6 (top) info cable network
– all systems of theVilla are automatically managed by LUTRON technologyusing TOUCHSCREEN distant controls of diferent colours (SMART HOUSE)
– independent phone network
– lastgeneration ANTITERROR safety systemwith vídeo analysisand a possibility to modifycomputer network depending on thedemands of theowner


– Concretestructure
– Colums – concretewithmetalbeams
– HERO brickwalls
– Termoisolation – 6cm specializedfoam
– Hydroisolation of theroof, floors.andperimeter of thewalls

DNA_PBIV_STAIRS LAMPS- Floors.: insidetheVilla – SERPEGANTE marble, parking- granite, terraces – tekawood
– Bathrooms.: walls- BIZAZZA mosaique, sinks and surfaces – Florentinecolourglass
– Windows: armored with doublé packages and camera
– Window structure patent technology VETROCSA (alluminum)
– Swimming pools (innerandouter) are decorated with BIZAZZA mosaique
– Doors and built-in wardrobes are made of natural wood and are decorated with SWAROVSKY handles
– Bath and toilet equipment – AGAPE and DURAVIT
– DORBRAT taps and faucets


Location: Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
Architect: DNA Barcelona Architect
Project: Punta Brava IV
Program: Luxury Single Family House
Site: 3215,00 m2
Built: 2142.25 m2
Scope: Luxury House
Status: In progress
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