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Dom Arquitectura | 4 houses in Jeddah

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Islamic culture is very rich in architecture concepts, The patio, the gallery, the blinds, the water, the plants, the mosaic. We’ve highlighted a few to keep in mind when doing this project.

The project involves the construction of four houses in the city of Jeddah. The aim is to achieve a modern architectural homes, functional and attractive to the user, but in turn, related to the environment of the Saudi city of Jeddah.

The placement of the house on its plot is given by the legal separation mandated by the legislation. Ground floor distribution is organized around a small central interior courtyard (patio), on which also develops the stairs. This contemplative courtyard recalls the old Islamic courts surrounded by arcades, and equipped with several plants and water in the area. This central element cools the house in the hottest months of the year enhancing cross-ventilation and provides natural illumination to the house floors central spaces.

The lateral separations of the ground floor along with the main patio, equipped with autochthonous plants, will allows the nature to be part inside the house. Also located at the end a small fountain. The Qur’an presents the Oasis as a metaphor for paradise, and for centuries that Islamic culture has placed special emphasis to water and garden landscaping. The will generate an audible and visual landscape, which can be enjoyed from part of the ground floor, bringing beauty and purification to spaces.

The ground floor is distributed around the central patio and lateral separations. Is projected as a contiguous and open space between the entry hall toward the dining room and finally arriving at the living room.

The ground floor facade is understood as a zocalo (housing base) and the contact point with the ground, so he poses with two materials such as concrete and wood, as hard, rude and natural materials. The first floor is the one that has more front surface and therefore more exposed to the sun. It will be completely white as an open box resting on the concrete base. The white color will minimize the impact of solar radiation can produce.

The housing set floors arise symmetrically, since the separation of the solar law requires us. But we will avoid the symmetrical elevations as far as possible, so the outside perspective show us a modern set housing, looking rather the sum of elements, forming a sum of the four houses rather asymmetrical.

On the first floor are created a galleries/terraces, as a transition to the outside (outer space but protected from solar radiation). In the old Islamic buildings is a fairly common element, since it allows us to have a fresh element prior to outside heat, avoiding the high temperatures inside. In these terraces are placed a series of sliding shutters, as a sunscreen, like a second skin of the building that will protect us from the sun and also will create a random distribution rate, which completely break any symmetry.

These sliding lattices and the pergolas will be made on “compact” material or in high density exterior woods, in order to allow us these holes shapes. Inspired on the old Arab slats and Islamic mosaics will have a unique design and unique, singular forms related in some way with the typical  Islamic patterns. In this way we will get some modern elements but related instead.In the entrance area of the site and in the outside living area on the end corner, are located two pergolas that protect areas form solar radiation.
The pergolas generate a organic shadow like palm fronds. They also allow, trough the holes, ventilation and air circulation.
The sliding lattices have a gradient in their holes, With more density in the upper holes, allowing us to the views and less density in the lower, giving more privacy for users.

The first floor distribution allows us to place, around the patio, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. In the second floor is placed the suite, with the best views of the house, with two terraces, a large dresser (closet), bathroom with shower and Jacuzzi and a spacious room with terrace and the patio inside. In the main terrace will be a cantilever for shade area. And the back terrace offers the possibility of having a jacuzzi and an outdoor shower. The terraces have a slatted wooden floor, open between the slats, this will made a ventilated cover and will decrease the solar radiation.

The basement has two access, from the ground floor and from the outside lateral separation. It is placed the maid room with bathroom, the laundry, the storage and the gardener room. The exterior stairs entrance take advantage to give light and ventilation to the maid room and his bathroom.

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Architect: Dom Arquitectura

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