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A new modern art venue, the Pierre Arnaud Foundation is opening its doors on the Crans-Montana plateau in the village of Lens. The aim of this organisation is to present temporary, themed exhibitions. It was created in honour of the French industrialist and collector Pierre Arnaud (1922-1996), who was based in Valais. The Foundation is destined to compare Swiss painting with major international trends in painting from 1850 to 1950, creating a junction between western and non-western art from this same period.

Fondation02The Pierre Arnaud Foundation will organise two exhibitions per year in line with the resort’s winter and summer seasons. The inaugural display, called Divisionnisme : Couleur maîtrisée? Couleur éclatée!(Divisionism: Colour control? Explosive colour!), kicks off a winter cycle comprising five exhibitions over the course of five years. In the light of works by artists from the Alpine region, these will provide a new interpretation of divisionism, realism, Romanticism and symbolism.

Sebastien Crettaz 2013 - Fondation Pierre Arnaud_01The summer period will be devoted to inter-cultural meetings, an environment conducive to construe that each civilization produces art and that each art is different, bearing its own values and meanings. The first exhibition of this kind will thus be devoted to surrealism and to primitive art. During subsequent summers exhibitions will explore themes such as body painting.


LoSpecchiodellaVitaJP Emery & Partners designed the innovative architecture of the 900 m2 Pierre Arnaud Foundation. Its reflective glass façade, entirely covered with solar cells, makes the structure relatively independent in terms of energy whilst also seamlessly integrating the plateau’s mountain scenery. In addition, the Foundation’s museography was assigned to the internationally renowned designer and scenographer Adrien Gardère, responsible for the exhibition design of the Louvre Lens, working closely with the agency on-situ regarding developments in multimedia.

Fondation01The Pierre Arnaud Foundation has chosen to focus its curatorial approach upon the dialogue and confrontation between different practices, thinking and cultures, taking the view that this perspective helps to provide a different vision of the world of art.

Location: Crans-Montana, Switzerland
Architects: Duende Studio
Project: Pierre Arnaud Foundation
Open: December 2013
Copyright paintings in situ: Sebastien Crettaz
Copyright Foundation: © François Bertin Fondation Pierre Arnaud
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