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Elica has chosen Moscow for Contemporary Air, an event at which this Italian company, a leading international producer of kitchen hoods, will present items that symbolise its manufacturing and history.

Elica_Moscow_Space_3The splendid Dom Spiridonova, a period home in the centre of Moscow, is the location of Contemporary Air, the Russian event at which Elica will present on 28th November the best of its kitchen hood collection: from products that are part of the brand’s history like Om and Star to the latest innovations like 35CC, Sweet and Tiffany, which have won some of the most prestigious design awards.

Elica_Moscow_Star_3At Contemporary Air, Elica offers a brand new interpretation of a kitchen hood, where functionality is essential for efficient, high quality air. The Italian brand will present products in Moscow that characterise the kitchen space with the taste and personality of those who use it, combining design, innovation and the influences of contemporary art.

Elica_Moscow_Sweet_1“Today Elica is the leading international player on the domestic kitchen hoods market, with millions of items manufactured and sold over five continents – says Giuseppe Perucchetti, Elica’s CEO – Since 2011 we have been present on the Russian market with headquarters in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Our aim is to triple our turnover on this market over the next 3 years, by continuing to support trade with innovative products and important investments in marketing and communication.”

Elica_Moscow_35CC_2Contemporary Air also represents the vision of an innovative company, which, with the Ermanno Casoli Foundation, named after Elica’s founder, has introduced contemporary art to the company, creating positive spin-offs that have even had an effect on manufacturing processes. Documentary videos during the event will illustrate a range of works that important international artists have carried out at the company headquarters, actively involving hundreds of employees.

Elica_Moscow_Tiffany_3“The universal value of art makes communication between different cultures easier – affirms Elica’s President Francesco Casoli – It helps people open up and trust others, promotes innovative thought and stimulates important creative processes. Elica promotes Italian design, a skilful blend of artisan creativity and industrial production, worldwide. The prestigious awards and recognition given to our products demonstrate that. What we are trying to export is the value of a culture that we recognise as our own: a culture of research, aesthetics and a continual exploration of new paths. It is this openness that allows us to face the challenges of international markets and Russia is one that we are currently focussing on most.”

Elica_Moscow_AdagioContemporary Air will also host Pescecappa, an Elica kitchen hood designed by Gaetano Pesce and produced in a limited edition of just 15. It is the extraordinary result of a crossover between art and industry, where the product “magically absorbs the odours and vapours of daily cooking”– says the artist – “so that contemporary design becomes a vehicle of narration”.

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