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Add space to your life with in.it.studios range of garden structures and buildings.  Our eco-friendly rooms offer exceptional quality with contemporary design, all at a competitive price.

The studio rooms are fully serviced with electricity and lighting plus other connections you may desire.  Just like a normal room in your house our garden studios are well insulated providing a relaxing environment for you to enjoy.  Our eco-friendly approach ensures the design is sustainable, using natural timber PEFC products complimented by an attractive green sedum roof.  To ensure we provide you with the perfect studio our range is fully customisable, offering you the freedom of size, materials, finishes and services.

Our approach to the design is to maximise the potential use of the studio whilst avoiding disrupting the garden.  This balance of design and materials creates a unique harmony bonding the studio with its surroundings.  We offer two options to access the studio with either choice having different advantages.

The fold.it design implements large bi-folding doors juxtaposed to the glass window.  This enables you to fully open the main elevation of the studio, allowing the sunlight to penetrate the space and create that ‘outdoor yet indoor’ environment.

We have incorporated sliding doors into the same design.  However, the access is more limited than is the case with the fold.it design.  The advantage of the sliding doors is a less disruptive to the space internally, allowing more layout possibilities.

We provide our studios with a standard roofing system or the recommended option of an eco-friendly sedum green roof.  Both are guaranteed for 20 years.

Option 1:  Bauder sedum green roof

The green roof consists of the same materials and membranes as the standard roof system but with an additional vapour barrier and filtration system along with the sedum planting.  There are several advantages of using a green roof, not only aesthetics but also added sound and heat insulation and many sustainable benefits.  The sedum is practically zero maintenance and is incredibly durable, living for weeks without rain or light.

Option 2:  Standard Bauder roof system

This robust and industry proven waterproof roofing system consists of a variety of membranes to ensure maximum efficiency.  The roof is available in a variety of attractive colours.

Internal wall finishes
Our unconventional approach of not using a plastered finish is more attractive and offers more sustainable benefits.  This unique panelling system is very durable and provides greater access and flexibility, whilst offering the same aesthetics as traditional plaster.

Option 1: Light Birch Ply
Light in colour and a very durable, this natural wood fits perfectly within the natural surrounding of the garden.  We treat the wood with a natural beeswax finish which offers added protection and an initial pleasant aroma.

Option 2: Colour
With this finish we can offer you the flexibility to choose any coloured finish you desire.

Internal flooring
We can install any floor material you prefer.  This ranges from solid woods, laminates and rubbers to carpets.

Option 1: Solid Oak

A common favourite, European Oak offers an attractive colour and grain whilst being a durable and suitable floor finish.

Option 2:  Hardwearing laminate floor

Available in any finish, this is our most cost effective flooring.  We have a large array of wood finishes to choose from, with popular choices being oak, beech, maple and mahogany laminates.

Option 3: Rubber flooring

The rubber flooring is very durable and easy to maintain. This is available in many colours to suit your studio and furniture.

External cladding
Our studios come with the choice of two cladding options, both of which are aesthetically pleasing and highly durable.  Our preferred choice of Western Red Cedar cladding expresses a subtle red texture whilst the more cost effective option of Scandinavian Pine provides a stronger grain which is equally attractive.  We’ve ensured through our design that both woods compliment the studio and the surrounding environment.

Option 1: Western Red Cedar

Cedar has a great natural ability to dampen sound vibrations and good thermal insulation properties.  This takes advantage over other materials such as PVCU and metal, commonly used in the construction industry.

Option 2: Custom  Alternatively, if you would prefer a different type of cladding, such as Siberian Larch, Oak, Scandinavian Pine or even a colour, then this is something we can implement.

We use doubled glazed window panes offering high insulation properties maximising the studio’s comfort in the winter as well as in the summer.


We have carefully selected our decking to fit in with the overall studio design, complementing the cladding and other finishes.  The extremely durable Accoya wood forms a striking contrast to the darker Cedar cladding, whereas a darker hardwood decking has been chosen to contrast against the lighter Pine cladding.

We at in.it.studios feel that good aesthetic design choices are an important element to enhance the overall appearance of the studio.  All materials have been carefully selected not just for their appearance but also for their durability and natural qualities.

All studios are supplied with a range of services and features all of which come standard and included in our prices.
Electricity will be supplied from your home to the studio via an armoured cable.

The studio is fitted with several electrical sockets inside and one additional socket outside. Down lights, electric heating, phone line (if required) alarm system security light and smoke detector are all incorporated in our designs and prices.

Location: London, UK
Architect: in.it.studios

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