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Jordi Herrero | Spa Marina Luz Hotel

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Can Pastilla is a tourist area of Palma de Mallorca located bayfront. It is a quiet area with excellent sea views and a long walk with lots of activity. In this area coexist houses and medium-sized hotels.

MarinaLuz_SPAOne of the best located hotels is the Hotel Marina Luz . It is in front the sea. It has a terrace on the ground floor , where the pool is located, and a terrace on the first floor as a solarium over the reception and cafeteria.

MarinaLuz_SPAIs on the solarium terrace where the hotel company decided to place a small building to complement the offer , especially for winter. The program includes a small gym, a spa area and two massage rooms, as during spring and autumn come many cycling groups .

The project does not arise from an initial gesture. Collects a number of factors that are going to shape the building. The final shape, materials, structure, etc. ,therefore, are not a starting point, but a point of arrival:

MarinaLuz_SPARegulations: It limited the area of operation.

Access and circulation: Respect the access and circulation to the main building .

Views: Strengthen sea views and protect of the neighborhood.

MarinaLuz_SPAIt also must protect the sea views from the rooms, limiting the scope of the building.


Structure: The building is based on an existing slab that did not plan this overload. We should generate a very lightweight building and to distribute loads.

Energy: Back to the North is well protected and isolated. The building opens to South. Moveable curtains with nautical technology protect the interior from excessive radiation.

MarinaLuz_SPAMateriality: The terraces have wooden floor. The new building includes this material. The proximity to the sea conditioned the selection of materials to avoid maintenance.

Image: This piece is very visible from the rooms. So we had to take care cover, perhaps the main facade of the building.

MarinaLuz_SPAAll this is generating decisions that shaped the materialization of the building.

It is similar to the shape of a river. It is not a starting point, but arises from the different energies that come together : gravity flow, topography, soil composition , erosion, vegetation, temperature, solar radiation, foreign stocks, etc. The shape is the result, not the starting point .


Location: Eaktai Ahn street, nº 40, Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Architect: Jordi Herrero Campo
Project: 2013
Execution: 2014
Built area: 110 m2
Use: Gym, spa and massage.
Property Developer: Marina Hotels
Technical architect: Gerard Bonet
Facilities: Juan Ensenyat
Estructures engineer: Julio Gracia
Project Management: Fernando Marin
Construction: Savia Proyectos S.L.
Estructures: Estructuras Seguí
Pictures: Uschi Burger-Precht and Jordi Herrero Campo
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