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Modular Lighting Instruments | LEDs: Nomad, Multiple, Bolster

Lighting Modular_Lighting_Instruments_KG_Multiple 1 Lamps + LED module_17

Modular Lighting Instruments is preparing some of its icons for the future and replacing the AR111 module with an M-LED 111.

Modular_Lighting_Instruments_KG_11298002 LED module AR111 2800lm 2700K spot Black Modular_Lighting_Instruments_KG_11298009 LED module AR111 2800lm 2700K spot Wh str

The icons – Nomad, Multiple, Bolster and Lotis – combined with the M-led111 offer a superior lighting experience compared to their halogen predecessors, without compromising on their original design value.

• M-LED111 is available in 2,700, 3,000 and 4,000 K versions.
• With spot, medium or flood reflector.
• The lumen output varies from 1,100 to 2,500 lm, depending on the gear amperage.
• Dimmable and non-dimmable versions.

The module is available with a white or black structure. Uniquely, the company has developed this LED module completely in-house. So Modular Lighting Instruments is confirming its status as a leader in the world of architectural LEDs. Each of its fittings balances technology, design and performance.

Modular_Bolster_be_strip_roeselare02 Modular_Bolster_be_loft_oostende14 Modular_Bolster_nl_privres-schuiveling_oisterweek02

Bolster Recessed. Powerful retro feel

Think roller skates and disco. Bolster always brings a touch of the sixties to a room. Choose the fully chromed versions with mirror effect or tone things down with the matte black or white versions, which also have a chromed edge.

Modular_Lighting_Instruments_KG_Bolster recessed + LED module_15

Nomad. Timeless passe-partout

Nomad is a classic. This refined, industrial fitting with its visible wiring is perfect for highlighting your favourite elements in your interior. The family comprises a wide range of lighting solutions. For example, the flexible arm allows Nomad to travel a certain distance.

Modular_Lighting_Instruments_KG_Nomad met LED module_07

Multiple & Multiple Trimless. Highly versatile

Twenty years after its initial launch, Multiple is still a coveted fitting. The versatile Multiple leaves nothing to the imagination with the technology on full display, allowing this fitting to fit well into both a minimalist and an industrial-chic environment. The gimballed system allows you to direct the light source at any angle of your choice. Available in a recessed version (Multiple trimless) with or without edge.

Modular_Lighting_Instruments_KG_Multiple 1 Lamps + LED module_11

Modular Lighting Instruments

Belgian company Modular Lighting Instruments has been conquering the world since 1980 with its leading high-end architectural lighting, in which creativity and technology are key. In addition to the headquarters in Belgium, it has showrooms in nine countries and sales outlets in more than eighty countries worldwide.

Modular_Multiple_be_grando_brugge09 Modular_Multiple_be_grando_brugge14 Modular_Nomad_nl_studio-stuive07 Modular_Multiple_be_buro-belgium_zedelgem08

 Designer: Modular Lighting Instruments
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