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OFIS arhitekti | Backbone village houses

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Ljubljana is surrounded by numerous dense rural formations of different scales.

Together by branching with main urban core are forming the city. As the city is expanding from the inner side outwards the urban and rural formations are slowly dissolving together. With uncontrolled urban growth historical rural typologies are slowly loosing its patterns, character and qualities.

Village Podpec is becoming such typical suburban area. Although surrounded by wider green area with fields and wild nature local resorts have no any qualities in new built environment.

Sewing an village tissue: The project is part of an urban study for suburban areas outside Ljubljana highway ring.
Main proposed idea is condensation of village cores with branching – traditional historical rural layout of condensed longitudinal buildings along the road with kept green area around.
Internal road acts as spinal cord, eight plots with longitudinal houses are branching like ribs.

Sustainable-economical issues: These kinds of plots with houses are target for young families that can not afford to live in the centre and seeks for its own garden dissolving into the green surrounding. On the other hand they bring back new vitality into village tissue.

3 bedroom houses with related garden and three external parking were designed at 140-160.000 EUR each as a sort of budget that young couples can afford with reasonable bank loan. Therefore basic concept had to be based on economical, rational and flexible issues. Each house unit has 2 floors, 55sqm each. Each unit was ended at stage without finished floors and sanitary elements in bathrooms.

- Ground-floor consists of central living area and kitchen with storage. Living area has possibility of additional room such as guest-bedroom or working space. Living area opens to elevated veranda and small inner garden.

- First floor functions as sleeping area providing 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and wardrobe.  There is a long terrace with pergola along the bedrooms.

Designed pitched roof allows space for a gallery or storage.

Materials are larch wood, plaster and glass.

Location: Podpec, Slovenia
Type: one family housing
Client: Private
Architect: OFIS arhitekti
Project Team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Andrej Gregoric, Javier Carrera, Janez Martincic, Katja Aljaz

Areas for each plot and house
House: 110sqm (55 sqm / floor)
Plot size: 420m2
Parking and entrance: 80m2
Garden: 165m2
Terrace: 40m2
Structure: reinforced concrete, brick fillings
Roof structure: Wooden
Max. Height: 8.30 m
Project start: 2006
Construction start: 2008 /Completed: 2010
Budget: 140-180.000 EUR (3rd building phase-without finishings)
Exterior Finish: plaster, larch wood, glass, fiber-cement tiles

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