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Regino Cruz Architectos | Estoril Congress Centre

Architecture Regino Cruz Architectos | Estoril Congress Centre

The Estoril Exhibition and Congress Centre is the 1998 international competition-winning project for DTCE, promoted in order to create an additional focus of economic growth and tourist development in the Estoril region. A key element for this new increase, the Congress Centre is modern, functional, of high quality, innovative, lasting and in harmony with its surroundings.

The facility was designed to hold the great majority of events. Its flexibility of use and state-of-the-art equipment allows it to adapt to specific requirements. It offers whole new technical infrastructures to satisfy the highest demands. It is thus possible to ensure that the Estoril Congress Centre is one of the most advanced in terms of technology, operations and multifunction ability in the market.

Urban Blending The Estoril Congress Centre enjoys a privileged location in a sophisticated tourist resort, thoroughly blending in with the landscape. The building cannot be seen from a distance, but the palm tree-lined avenue leading up to it, enhances the approach and, once close up, the visitor’s interest is then aroused by the building’s interiors.

The transparent envelope also enables visitors inside to look out onto the surrounding greenery and makes interior spaces seem larger, particularly the entrance atrium, the exhibition hall and the area around the auditorium.

Concept Given the end-use of the building, it was necessary to convey an institutional, expressive image. A sweeping canopy roof connects its two main volumes. A series of long sculptural glulam 60 meters beams lend the exhibition area a parallelepiped, quasi-transparent body

The auditorium is in the shape of a cut-off cylinder surrounded by a peripheral passageway. By contrast, the congress meeting-rooms facilities and the administrative and office areas, are in a contiguous tall, thin, opaque volume sitting above the retail area that opens onto an exterior square looking to the Casino fountains and gardens. Due to its characteristics, dimension, capacity, and the best use of the interior space available, the Estoril Congress Centre enables visitors to participate in important exhibitions, conferences, trade fairs and festivals.

Location: Portugal, Lisbon
Architect: Regino Cruz Architectos
Structural & Building Services Engineering: TECHNIP Portugal, S.A.
Acoustics: Pedro Martins da Silva e Associados Engenharia de Acústica e Ambiente, Lda.
Site supervision: SOJEFER – Projectos e Construção, Lda. contractor FERROVIAL AGROMAN, S.A.
Client: DTCE – Desenvolvimento Turístico da Costa do Estoril, E.M.
Site area: 6.300 sqm
Built area (above ground): 12.174 sqm
Built area (below ground): 8.962 sqm
Gross construction area: 21.136 sqm
Exhibition hall area: 6.500 sqm
Multipurpose hall: 1.000 to 1.200 seats
Auditorium: 600 seats
Congress meeting roooms (20): 40 to 400 seats

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