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Sándor Dúzs & Architema / Lajos Kuknyó | Sommelier’s Home, Hungary

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The residence is located in the suburban area of Budapest. Built on a plot that offers a spectacular panorama and steeply slopes on the north side. The beauty of the bright white villa lies in the exciting geometrical shapes and the exceptional high quality of construction. Yet the modest style are far from being common architectural solutions. The asymmetrically structured facades with their vast glazed surfaces, and the vertically shifted roof levels make both the building and the interior spaces characteristic.



The architects strived to design the building as functional as possible, and for the sake of the overall high architectural quality, their attention has encompassed even the tiniest details of the interior design. The reasonably linked spaces, the striking zone connections, and the enduring materials, as well as the furniture and fittings all create a delicate, yet cosy environment for the everyday life of the family of four.









An imposing stairway escalates to the entrance, which opens into a separate guest apartment and to a large contiguous social space with spectacularly elaborated elements. Not only the cityscape but also the well-maintained garden becomes part of the interior through the glass surfaces of the slightly divided breakfast room, dining hall and living room. The crossing line between the zones of different functions is seemingly blurred, and the borders are marked with distinctive attractive architectural solutions, however the consequent and delicate material usage unite these areas into a definite whole. The space is divided by the granite grey kitchen with a massive American walnut fronted wardrobe on its back, or by the brownish grey grained tiles pillar that incorporates the fireplace and splits the duplex living room into separate parts. The latter genuinely leads our eyesight up to the library and to the second living-room found on the first storey, making the different floors appear connected. The gallery is nevertheless the most spectacular point of the house, since through its large windows which open into more directions it provides a real terrific view. The first storey also accommodates the kid rooms and their separate bathrooms, as well as the triad of the bed-and bathroom and the wardrobe of the parents.





The cellar level which also provides space for the garages, is the place for hospitality. Here a wine shelf that is separated by a glazed wall that keeps the temperature steady and a pizza oven render a stylish design, whereas a custom-built sauna ensures a proper relaxing experience.

The clear interior design concept is also prevalent in the conscious colour choice: starting from the cellar the tones turn gradually lighter. The darker shades of the cellar flooring, the rough oak surfaces, the greenish hues, and the gold lining that highlights the individually lit wall recesses feature the modern version of the classical wine cellars. The ground floor is dominated by elegant greys and modest drabs, whereas beige, chalk-white and a few warmer tones prevail in the intimate spaces of the first storey. The sometimes bold, sometimes moderate match of the distinctive elements shows a truly delicate sensibility; all shapes, colours and materials integrate in a surprisingly natural way.




Addition on Architema studio

”For us architects, the most important thing in the world is creation. Our thoughts breed forms, spaces and buildings which then breed new thoughts in others. We believe our work creates more than structures. Most of the time, we realize these dreams. We give primary importance to the realization of our clients’ dreams in the best possible quality. In our opinion, quality itself is real value . Space is the luxury of our times. The quality of the space in which we live, work and improve our minds shapes our character fundamentally. As architects, we shape space, but then that space shapes us. This is what makes us think that quality architecture is always justified. The realization of a plan for most people is an immense challenge. We endeavour to create reality from dreams by using the experience and expertise we gain while designing and constructing. Very few architectural offices exist today which not only design but also construct the buildings they have planned in every detail. The buildings thus created reflect the consistent way of thinking we represent. Both planning and construction are team-work. We appreciate our partners’ work and respect their opinions and expertise. Constant consultation with the creative master-craftsmen we have selected and worked with throughthe years, already ensures the emergence of quality in the planning phase.” – so says Lajos Kuknyó, the principal partner of Architema Studio.

Location: Near Budapest, Hungary
Architects: Sándor Dúzs & Architema Ltd , Lajos Kuknyó
Interior Design: Architéma Ltd., Lajos Kuknyó, Gabriella Krúzs, Gábor Lipták
Construction work: Architema Ltd., Lajos Kuknyó
Photographer: Tamás Bujnovszky
Site Area: 950 m2
Usable floor area: 460 m2
Design Year: 2009
Construction Year: 2012

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