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10 Amazing Houses Buried in the Woods

10. Matali Crasset – The feral house In the heart of the Meuse (55), in Lorraine, tucked within the 5000-hectares forest of the villages Dompcevrin, Fresnes-au-mont, Lahaymeix, Nicey-sur-Aire, Pierrefitte-sur-Aire and Ville-devant-Belrain, along the Sentier du Vent pathway, the designer matali crasset has designed and built four feral-type houses, her “maisons sylvestres”. The cabins are centrally-positioned […]


Eunjoo Roh + studio_GAON
House in Geochang

‘House in Geochang’ is the house built on a sunny hill of Geochang, a Korean provincial city. There is a tall, brushy dogwood in the site, and a spring next to the tree which always provides fresh water. Also there is a small pool at the foot of the hill. The scenery is so peaceful that […]