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MuFF Co.,Ltd.

It is a bar located in a shopping district in Shimokitazawa. Looking at  the bare dismantled concrete space, we decided to carefully minimize what we added to the space. For the interior design of the store, materials and colors were purposefully selected to be simple and minimalist. The architects balanced with scrupulous care what to […]


Zaha Hadid Architects

The design refers to geometries and matheamtics of minimal surfaces. Minimal surfaces, or Optimal geometries, are surfaces with a mean curvature of zero. Minimal surfaces are equivalently described as one that is equally bent in all directions so as to have zero average curvature, and can be understood as the surfaces of smallest area spanning […]


De Castelli

Minimal and simple design, thin thickness of iron, strong capacity of working the material, knowledge to exalt the expressiveness achieved by the tones of copper and the emotionality of surfaces. “I have always been attracted to Nature that manifests its force in unexpected contexts”; so Aldo Cibic, in collaboration with Cristiano Urban, comes to terms […]