// arthitectural / Concept & Competition / XTU Architects | French Pavilion, Expo Milano 2015

XTU Architects | French Pavilion, Expo Milano 2015

Concept & Competition MIL_02-EXT © XTU architects

A territory – building,
A fertile market

If the world wanted to eat like the West, several planets would be needed…

Civilization will need to evolve: it must produce and consume differently !

The soil, a fertile ground
a resource for the future

Because GEOLOGY has provided her with a wide variety of soils, France has a rich GENETIC heritage, adapted to local conditions, an essential RESOURCE to produce differently ! These soils have also created a cultural and gastronomic heritage of HIGH QUALITY. With its double feature, France can initiate new practices and a new attitude !

MIL_01-garden © XTU architects - STUDIO A. RISPAL« The soil, fertile ground of the new food revolution. »

To this slogan, we respond with a project that relates to the piece of territory.

MIL_03-INT © XTU architectsA Roof, A Great Market

The project continues the theme of the GREAT MARKET. A hall, open to the city, a large ROOF and its shade, pillars that support the building and organise the exhibition, light, and a cool breath of air in the summer heat !

MIL_04-INT © XTU architects - STUDIO A. RISPAL

MIL_05-INT © XTU architects - STUDIO A. RISPAL

A Productive Market
A Fertile Market !

At the time of short circuit retails, it reinterprets the market model : once a place of exchange, tomorrow’s market will be a place of production to be consumed on the spot ! Here we have the exhibition on the ground level, the consumption on the terrace and the production on façades and roofs.

On the FACADES, we GROW hops, on the terrace aromatic herbs, and in the restaurant, vegetables to be eaten on the spot. Hydroponic production that depicts the French innovation in partnership with the world leader of the sector !

MIL_06-INT©XTU-STUDIO A. RISPALIt is the image of a « FERTILE MARKET », in direct production-consumption system. And at the end, there will be a great event for the harvesting of hops.

An inverted landscape, four pillars

Below the horizontal roof, the Great Market presents itself as a « reversed » and spectacular landscape that makes the buzz… A landscaped ceiling that evokes the French identity born from territories. The architecture expresses the four pillars that underpin the exhibition: « feed the world today, feed the world tomorrow, pleasure and food, commitment to the future ».

MIL_07-EXT rain © XTU architects

MIL_08-JARDIN night © XTU architectsA large wooden structure, a free form

The project, all wood (structures, floors and facades), expresses the French expertise in timber frame, in its most « innovative » form : free forms. Assemblies are invisible, complex geometry is made of digital cutting, all technologies that the company controls, serving the architectural quality. It is spectacular, innovative, graphic. It is both elementary and founding. It is bare wood…

MIL_09-EXT night © XTU architects

Location: Milan, Italy
Architects: XTU | Anouk Legendre + Nicola Desmaziere
Project leader: Mathias Lukacs
C.M.C di Ravenna
Studio Adeline Rispal
Client: FranceAgriMer
Cultural installation
exhibition areas / restaurants / shops / VIP rooms
Competition: january 2014
Contract: march 2014
Building: september 2014
Delivery: april 2014
Building surface area: 3.532 m² shon / 3.286 m² usable
Site’s area: 3.500 m²
Costs: 14 m€ including taxes
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