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Zaha Hadid Architects | IMA Exhibition

Interiors Zaha Hadid Architects | IMA Exhibition

The pavilion’s interior in its refurbished status is enriched by fluid forms that structure the torus-like exhibition loop and therefore differentiate the visitor’s tour. The aim is to utilize the existing quality of the sculpted internal walls and space divisions to enhance the visitor’s experience and provide rhythmical spatial sequences for a sensually differentiated walk-through.

A parametrically derived special structure is unfolded within the pavilion to exhibit, display and organize thematic hotspots. Media interventions such as projected animations will be placed at strategic points within the exhibition design. Particular points of interest will be generated with highlights from the body of work of Zaha Hadid in the form of architectural models, silver paintings and wall reliefs.

The exhibition installation is a scenographic background and canvas to display the models and animations on show. A network of guiding curves is attached to the pavilion’s internal ceiling and floor in specific points, unfolding a series of minimal surfaces from stretch fabric to create projection screens, paravents and plafonds. The resulting continuous spatial network is translated into two material systems: a black structural space frame made from CNC milled guiding rails out of hard foam that are coated in Polyurethane as well as white suspended textile membranes. The two materials relate with their specific shape to their structural properties.

The exhibition thematically explores a series of research agendas conducted by Zaha Hadid Architects in recent years. Different media is used to show the work; architectural models, silver painting and projections.

A variety of projects from all over the world will be shown, these will include: the Soho Central Business District in Beijing, the Spiralling Tower of the University Campus in Barcelona, the Guggenheim project in Singapore, the recent completed CGM-CMA Tower in Marseille and the Pierres Vives building of the department de l’Herault in Montpellier, currently under construction .

The exhibition will also showcase architectural projects from the Arab world such as the Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre in the United Arab Emirates, the Nile Tower in Cairo Egypt, the Signature Towers in Dubai and the Rabat Tower in Morocco.

Furthermore the exhibition showcases Zaha Hadid Architects’ design research within the parametric paradigm. The parametric towers research project aims to develop a conceptual framework for the design of a prototype tower to be used as the basis for a set of parametric tools that can be applied to a multitude of different specific conditions. Individual elements such as massing, skin, core, void, and structure are modulated individually and in concert. The final result is a fully malleable system that can differentiate families and fields of towers in response to user input or environment considerations. Applications of the research into architectural practice are exemplified via a series of Tower competition entries on large urban scales.

The visitor is invited to experience the work of Zaha Hadid Architects on three different levels, by discovering the Mobile Art pavilion (building), viewing the exhibition design (scenography) and seeing the work of the practice (exhibits).

Period: 29 April – 30 October 2011

A video of the exhibition can be seen here: Exhibition Pavillion.

Location: Paris, France
Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects
Design: Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher
Exhibition Team: Thomas Vietzke, Manon Janssens, Woody K.T. Yao, Jens Borstelmann, Sofia Daniilidou, Torsten Broeder, Tiago Correia, Danilo Arsic, Victor Orive, Mostafa EI Sayed, Christoph Wunderlich, Martin Krcha, Niki Berry, Claudia Fruianu, Daniel Widrig, Filipa Gomes
Artist Consultant: Antonio de Campos
Prodution: AIA Production (APC+AIA) Renaud Sabari and Alexandra Cohen
Visual Identity: Yorgo Tloupas
Video Projections: Cadmos
Production (Coordination): Emmanuel Lemercier de L’Ecluse
Pavilion installation:
Artistic Supervision: Zaha Hadid Architects | Thomas Vietzke, Jens Borstelmann
Project Management: Elioth Iosis and ENIA
Building Companies: Viry (Fayat Group), Satelec (Fayat Group), Extenzo
Client: Institut du monde arabe, 1, Rue des Fossés-Saint-Bernard, Place Mohammed V, Paris, France
Size: 29m x 45m, a total of 700sqm + exhibition space 500 sqm
Photographer: Francois Lacour, courtesy of Institut du Monde Arabe

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