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JS Bach / Zaha Hadid Architects Chamber Music Hall | 2009

Zaha Hadid Architects have created a unique chamber music hall specially designed to house solo performances of the exquisite music of Johann Sebastian Bach. A voluminous ribbon swirls within the room, carving out a spatial and visual response to the intricate relationships of Bach’s harmonies. As the ribbon careens above the performer, cascades into the ground and wraps around the audience, the original room as a box is sculpted into fluid spaces swelling, merging, and slipping through one another. See more

© Virgil Simon Bertrand

Neil Barrett Flagship Store | 2008

Our concept for the Neil Barrett fl agship store in Tokyo is based on the minimal cut of the brand`s fashion design and parallels its approach in usingthe same design parameters of fi xed points, folding, pleating and cut outs. Rather than defi ning a single room or space, our design creates a circularpassage allowing the customer to experience the space in multiple ways and interpretations. See more

Courtesy of Silken Hotels

Hotel Puerta America – Hotels Silken | 2005

The Client allowed us full autonomy, the brief – to design a floor of a hotel comprising 30 rooms and all common parts. The objective, to ensure a dynamic and customized project. See more

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